Kosher Revolution

by Geila Hocherman and  Arthur Boehm

Kosher Cooking Without Boundaries


In their book Kosher Revolution, a Kyle Press publication, Geila Hocherman and  Arthur Boehm share techniques and recipes which allow the kosher cook to widely expand the boundaries of kosher. The authors have quite an impressive background of international food credentials. Geila Hocherman attended La Verenne Cooking School, Paris’ Cordon Bleu, and was a gourmet food buyer for Bloomingdale’s. She worked as a private kosher caterer, and  was a sous chef for the Food Network.

Arthur Boehm has co−authored several cookbooks, including contributing to the All New-Joy of Cooking. He has written numerous articles for The New York Times, The Washington Post and other prominent publications

Their book, Kosher Revolution, is based on the principle that all recipes can be translated to kosher through innovation in ingredients and preparation. The authors  share their vast creative culinary toolbox to convert international recipes to kosher.  In addition to the collection of contemporary and classic recipes, we like the ingredient exchange guide and cooking tips found throughout the book. The authors even include a shopping source list.

According to Arthur Schwartz, author of the classic book Jewish Home Cooking,“kosher is a set of rules, not a cuisine… you can be kosher and cook Chinese, French, Italian, Indian--any cuisine in the world. “ We agree. This book is timely, considering how many new ingredients and products are currently becoming kosher certified. Kosher cooks now have boundless culinary options. We think that this book is a welcome addition to a beginning or seasoned cooking library!

One of our favorite recipes in Kosher Revolution is the spectacular Miso–Glazed Black Cod, a recipe originally created by the famed Chef Nobu Matshushia of New York’s Nobu restaurant. The authors have kindly shared the recipe for this and for parve Crème Brûlée with our readers.

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November 25, 2011

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