The Kosher Carnivore

The Ultimate Meat and Poultry Cookbook

by June Hersh

koshercarnivorecoverMeat, meat and more meat – and a little poultry and side dishes too. Everything you wanted to know about kosher cuts, how to grill, roast, braise stew, sear—how to  cook meats, buy them, use them, and freeze them. It’s all in this comprehensive book for carnivores, or those cooking for carnivores. We learned so much that in addition to trying many of the recipes, we are adding it as a reference book to our culinary library. We had the pleasure of meeting June Hersh last fall and found her as lovely in person as she is talented in her writing.

The Kosher Carnivore,  a publication of St. Martin’s Press, is an ode to kosher meat and poultry; even for those not religiously compelled to keep kosher. For many consumers, Jewish and not, kosher meat is regarded as a higher quality choice. It is meat from animals that are raised and butchered in a well–supervised environment; one that has an extra layer of inspection. We found the recipes in this book simply presented and paired with both contemporary and traditional ingredients. We certainly like the fact that June turned to “Behind the Counter” meat experts and butchers to share information on meat cuts. These expert tips about preparation and cooking accompany almost every recipe. The side dishes and soups complement the meat and we can’t wait to make every one of them.

Some “Behind the Counter” Tips:

  • Silver tip roast makes the best roast beef
  • Any solid roast, cut from the chuck, works well as a pot roast
  • 2nd cut brisket works well with a classic brisket recipe
  • The best burgers are made by grinding your own meat
  • Veal chops are available in 3 choices: 1st cut, most expensive; Center cut most popular; 2nd cut cost efficient, best when breaded
  • Buy a whole chicken and break it down or buy only your favorite parts

Enjoy the following three recipes from The Kosher Carnivore: Chicken Fried Steak, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach – what a great menu!

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February 2, 2012

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