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We are featuring two cookbooks from Sur La Table, several times named one of the best culinary shops by food professionals.

Tips Cooks Love
by Sur La Table & Rick Rodgers

The purpose of this book is to make a cook's time in the kitchen even more productive and easy.  It is a helpful guide for both beginning cooks and seasoned pros by popular culinary authority Sur La Table and cookbook author Rick Rodgers. Tips Cooks Love offers more than 500 useful tips, techniques and shortcuts for cooking and preparation. The easy–to–use book is organized alphabetically for quick answers. It includes tips about ingredients, cookware, tools, cooking methods, and other handy information for the busy home cook. For example, did you know that adding white chocolate to whipped cream provides elegant flavor and stabilizes the cream?

The book also features ten "deconstructed" recipes including ideas illustrating ways to improve the dish and one's cooking. There are six "technique" sections for quick reference, offering tips on skills, such as braising, baking, and grilling. 500 tips including: How to make your own herb vinegar; What is the best way to store potatoes? What is the difference in types of rice?

So Sweet!
Cookies, Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies, and More

by Sur La Table

Sweets lovers everywhere, rejoice! So Sweet! Cookies, Cupcakes, Whoopie Pies, and More from award-winning Sur La Table, contains 50 fun and fabulously sweet recipes with intriguing flavor combinations. that will delight any sweet tooth. Beautiful photographs accompany many of the recipes which include such delectable recipes as Milk Chocolate Toffee Bars, Boston Cream Upside Down Cupcakes, and Strawberry with Lemonade Filling Whoopie Pies, as well as Blueberry Buttermilk Doughnuts with Orange Glaze, Cherry Oatmeal Cookies, and Chocolate-Mint Cupcakes.

Not sure what that sweet tooth is demanding? Inside you’ll find a delicious treat whether it’s sweet, salty, chocolaty, fruity, or nutty. From childhood favorites to unique variations on cupcakes to a healthier type of doughnut, So Sweet! is the perfect gift package for home bakers, promising to satisfy any sugar craving.

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KosherEye Cookbook Notes:
Tips Cooks Love:
No matter how young or old we may be, we always can learn something new. Even a seasoned cook can glean new information from Tips Cooks Love; and of course a new bride or a novice cook can benefit from this helpful guide. We think that this little book makes a fun culinary gift - especially for a party host or a bridal shower present. Enjoy this video recipe for Mile High Apple Pie and a Parchment Paper tip.

So Sweet! We found one recipe that contains a non-kosher meat that leaves forty nine...more than enough of a selection. This is a "sweet" compact cookbook that contains a nice range of baked receipe selections; the cookies and bars have some really nice choices. For those who don't want to be overwhelmed by deciding what recipe to bake, this is the book for you. We also recommend it as a hostess gift or a "thinking of you" gift.Try these two sample recipes: Blueberry Buttermilk Doughnuts and Raspberry–Cherry Crumble Bars.

For Your Information:
As you enjoy reading about these fabulous cookbooks, some featured cookbooks have recipes, or indeed chapters with recipes that have non−kosher ingredients. No worries! KosherEye and our team of knowledgeable cookbook authors, chefs and foodies will help you find, convert and substitute ingredients to create kosher recipes. To get you started, we are providing an initial, basic list of kosher substitutions. As is the case with many outstanding cookbooks, this is a worthwhile exercise, which enables the  kosher cook to have access to some of the world’s greatest, classical and most contemporary recipes, created by experts in their field.

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