The Mile End Cookbook

The Mile End Cookbookby Noah and Rae Bernamoff
Clarkson Potter Publisher

The Mile End Cookbook offers 100 Jewish comfort food recipes, transforming nostalgic Jewish cuisine and traditional Deli dishes to fit the contemporary American culinary landscape. By the way, Mile End itself takes its name from a downtown Montreal neighborhood that's historically — and still heavily — Jewish.

Noah and Rae Bernamoff are the entrepreneurial foodies and authors behind these mouthwatering recipes and anecdotes. The book is dedicated to their cherished grandmothers, Noah's Nana Lee, who was the ultimate homemaker, and Rae's Grandma Bea - who still is a high powered professional. They pay tribute to both women as their sources of wisdom and inspiration. As Rae Bernamoff writes in the introduction, the aim of the book is "bringing good Jewish food into the present tense."

The book is divided into two distinct sections. First the DIY – Do it Yourself Delicatessen section, instructing the reader how to make Deli the basics- such as smoked meats, cured lox, chopped liver, gefilte fish, pickles, schmaltz, fillings and much more – how to create the components of classic Deli dishes.

And then part two. To the Table – How to use these components and bring them to the table. You'll find scrumptious recipes for towering Deli sandwiches, smoked whitefish salad, challah, chicken soup, matzo balls and traditional baked goods such as cheesecake, rugelach, honey cake, cinnamon buns and more.

Using their grandmothers' recipes as a starting point, and applying contemporary methods, Noah and Rae update traditional dishes and elevate them with fresh ingredients and from-scratch cooking techniques. The Mile End Cookbook is simply a"must have" for everyone who would like to cook authentic Deli food at home.

KosherEye Notes
This is both a practical cookbook for both the novice or experienced home cook, and an important addition to a culinary home library, especially one that values authentic Jewish cuisine and traditional delicacies. Please be aware that the authors are also popular restaurateurs, but at this time, their locations are not certified kosher. However all of the recipes in this book contain ingredients that are available with kosher certification – some parve, some dairy. And, some of the dairy recipes can be easily converted to parve.

Enjoy the following recipes from The Mile End CookbookRomanian Steak with Spring Onion, Cheesecake and Quick Cucumber Pickles.

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