CHIC Made Simple

chiccoverby Esther Deutsch
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What better source for fast, fabulous, kosher cuisine – that looks good enough to eat — than a food stylist, columnist, and recipe developer.  CHIC Made Simple, by Esther Deutsch successfully  conveys the author's cooking philosophy:  if your food looks irresistible - it tastes as such. Her recipes are designed to look – and taste – like gourmet cuisine.

If delicious reading alone isn't enough to get you off the couch and into the kitchen, Esther's ardor for impeccable no-fuss presentation will surely inspire you to recreate these mouthwatering dishes. Dishes like Spiced Mocha Mousse with Viennese Crunch, Savory Club Steak with Caramelized Onions,, Coconut Tilapia with Apricot Teriyaki Sauce, Chicken Fire Poppers, Filet Mignon au Poivre, Tropical Kani Salad with Sriracha Lime Dressing, and many more that you and your family and friends will declare the best you've ever had.

With over 185 recipes, accompanied by beautiful colored photographs (and food styling by the author herself), this cookbook will appeal to everyone: the novice, the busy cook and the more accomplished cook.

Esther Deutsch is a self-taught cook who has never taken a single culinary class. She is a food editor of AMI magazine, and resides in New York with her husband and children. Her debut cookbook, CHIC Made Simple, features her most celebrated recipes, as well as many that have never before been published.

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KosherEye Notes: This cookbook is a feast for the eyes - just looking at the gorgeous pictures made us want to try all of the recipes, which do appear to be easy and fuss-free. We especially liked the array of thumbnail recipe photographs that appear at the beginning of each chapter. This is a beautiful cookbook; a Gift Yourself, Gift Others KosherEye selection.

Enjoy the following recipes from CHIC Made Simple: Chicken Fire Poppers, Savory Club Steak with Caramelized Onions, and Tropical Kani Salad with Sriracha Lime Dressing.

As you enjoy reading about these fabulous cookbooks, some featured cookbooks have recipes, or indeed chapters with recipes that have non−kosher ingredients. No worries! KosherEye and our team of knowledgeable cookbook authors, chefs and foodies will help you find, convert and substitute ingredients to create kosher recipes. To get you started, we are providing an initial, basic list of kosher substitutions. As is the case with many outstanding cookbooks, this is a worthwhile exercise, which enables the  kosher cook to have access to some of the world’s greatest, classical and most contemporary recipes, created by experts in their field.


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