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kbdcookingcoach_smby Susie Fishbein
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In this her eighth book, best-selling cookbook author, Susie Fishbein shares secrets for success in the kitchen…”Recipes, Tips and Techniques to Make Anyone a Better Cook’. Kosher by Design Cooking Coach is a hands–on, instructional book that presents a new approach: ten coaching sections containing “Game Plans” for refining one’s culinary skills, covering everything from meat and poultry to equipment selection and technique.

  Most essential kitchen equipment
  How to make can’t-miss side dishes
-   How to skin and pin-bone fish
-   How to prep fresh herbs
  Why you only need 3 primary kitchen knives
-   What you must know about meat and poultry
-   Plating and garnishing made simple
-   How to “reincarnate” your leftovers

How to “reincarnate” your leftovers or leftover ingredients is a theme throughout the cookbook and is broached at the beginning of the book in the "Playbook" section. It alerts the reader to a symbol appended to those recipes that are part of this concept. It offers the reader different options on how to turn leftovers into different dishes, masking the idea of a “leftover” meal.

Cooking Coach presents 120 brand new recipes, for varied skill levels, along with 400 full–color photos by the talented John Uher.

Susie Fishbein is a world–famous kosher cook and author. Her acclaimed Kosher by Design series has already sold over 450,000 copies worldwide and has lead to hundreds of personal appearances from coast–to–coast. Susie has been named one of the most 50 influential Jews by The Forward newspaper and was an honored guest at the White House in recognition of National Jewish Heritage Month. She lives with her husband and children in New Jersey.

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KosherEye Notes: This is simply a must–have addition to any cooking library, We love all of Susie's cookbooks, and this one is no exception. A creative approach, especially the "Playbook" section, and filled with luscious original recipes, tips and servings suggestions. And now, Susie’s at the supermarket, the housewares store, and in the kitchen with us sharing her expert advice and techniques. Trust us – even though we are “seasoned” home cooks, we learned so much from reading this book, cover to cover of course. Do you know about a spice called hawaij? How to poach fish in the oven?  Ever hear of a gigante bean and how to cook it? If you win or buy this book you will!  We do now!

Enjoy the following recipes from Kosher by Design Cooking Coach: Yemenite Beef Soup, Tuna Quiche and Moroccan Chicken.


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