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spiceitrightcoverby Estee Kafra
Hamodia Treasures Publishers

Spice It Right! features a collection of the best recipes published in Estee Kafra's weekly food column during her tenure as food editor of Binah Magazine. The recipes highlight Estee's signature style of rich flavor and exciting taste infused into each and every dish. The recipes are tried and true – not only by Estee, but by her many Binah readers, whose positive feedback has helped in the selection of these favorites.

The theme throughout the book is the use of  fresh herbs and spices to take your cooking to the next level. In her easygoing style, the author guides the reader through special tips and techniques for using various herbs and spices, while learning about their different qualities and flavor. A detailed chart is included, outlining the proper way to check fresh herbs to ensure they are clean and kosher for easy use. The book contains over 130 recipes, such as Fancy Rolled Sole, Thyme Roasted Chicken, Cappuccino Mousse, Minute Steak in Peppercorn Mustard Sauce and Celery Root Latkes. each accompanied by a beautiful color photo.

"Spice it Right offers a savory selection of flavor-packed, innovative recipes that look and taste terrific, yet keep time and labor to a minimum. each recipe is accompanied by a lush color photograph, illustrating a variety of scrumptious, uncomplicated dished for today's contemporary kosher cook. Easy elegance that's guaranteed to please family and friends!" 
Noreen Gilletz, kosher cookbook author, culinary consultant, cooking instructor

Estee Kafra is a talented food professional: a creative cook, food photographer, cookbook author, former food editor of Binah and Kosher Inspired magazines and is the editor and founder of Kosher Scoop. Estee lives in Toronto, Canada.

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KosherEye Notes:
We agree with the words of our friend Noreen Gilletz – she said it so well! This is a terrific cookbook – the recipes are easy to follow, beautifully presented, and perfect for the busy cook. Yes, we do read the cookbooks from cover to cover and there are many recipes in this cookbook that we have bookmarked. A KosherEye "gift yourself, gift someone else" selection.

Enjoy the following recipes: Twisted Garlic Loaf, Colorful Beet Salad and Dairy Noodle Kugel For a Crowd.

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