Get Cooking!
A Jewish American Family Cookbook

getcookingcoverBy Rachel Harkham and Doni Zasloff Thomas
Behrman House Publication

What fun! This rockin’ and rollin’ family cookbook is a celebration of the Jewish Year in food, fun and culture. In addition to easy family recipes, there are holiday activities, jokes, riddles and a free CD sung by Doni Zasloff Thomas, aka Mama Doni, a popular children’s music maven and entertainer. Co-author Rachel Harkham, aka Recipe Rachel, shares contemporary and simplified reinterpretations of classic recipes.

All of the recipes are definite “young cooks” versions. They are easy to follow, accompanied by step-by-step cooking tips, and complemented by friendly, inviting, colorful, whimsical graphics and photos. Even the type styles and colors used on each page “stir up” the senses.   The energy of the clever lyrics and music of Mama Doni, paired with the family appeal of the recipes, make this book just plain fun! Time to cook, sing and dance in the kitchen! Or, as Mama Doni says in her song: Get Ready, Get Set. Get Cooking!

Enjoy the recipe for Fill–in–the–Blank Chocolate Bark.

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