The Life-Transforming Diet

The Life-Transforming Diet
By Davud H. Zulberg, Feldheim Publishers


This book, The Life-Transforming Diet, focuses on the health and nutritional principles of Maimonides, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135/1138 to 1204), universally known as The Rambam, who is considered one of the greatest ancient physicians and philosophers in Jewish history. Over 800 years ago, the Rambam wrote: "Whoever conducts himself in the ways we have set forth, I will guarantee that he will not get sick throughout his life.... He will not need a doctor and his body will be in perfect shape and remain healthy all his life." (Mishneh Torah, Hilchot De'ot 4:20.)

Zulberg explains that many contemporary nutrition and eating issues were actually addressed by the Rambam. Experts hold that The Rambam's writings on health and the prevention of disease remain relevant today, including basic advice on what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and the importance of exercise. He encourages food awareness, and the gradual creation of healthy eating habits.

David Zulberg, spent seven years studying in Israel and holds a Masters from Columbia University, is an ACE certified Fitness specialist and certified Health Coach. Zulberg is considered one of the foremost experts in Maimonides' medical works. His book, 'The Life Transforming Diet', is currently in its sixth printing.

As a result of the book's success, Zulberg further pursued his interest in herbal remedies based on the Rambam's writings. He consulted with expert herbalists and naturalists globally, including experts in India and China, launching a company, Bio Herbal Tech, focused on providing life changing nutritional supplements.

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