The Passionate Vegetable


   By Suzanne Landry, Health Inspired Publishing

The Passionate Vegetable, health inspired recipes to revitalize your life, offers dishes for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. Written by Suzanne Landry, popularly known as the fresh food chef, the book shares the author's love of fresh harvest-to-table vegetables which she presents in easy to prepare, healthful and flavorful recipes. Landry believes that vegetables, though used frequently as side dishes, should move to a starring role on the plate.

This need and principle is rooted deeply in advice from her father who battled cancer for 17 years: "Without good health nothing else in life matters." According to Suzanne, "My father believed that without good health nothing else in life mattered.  His death, along with my own health challenges and those of my children were the catalyst for my journey to explore the connection between food and healing. I know with absolute certainty that changing our diets from high animal protein to one high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains can improve our health."

Having taught natural foods cooking classes for over 30 years, and focused on food and healthy eating, Suzanne believes in encouraging and educating people to eat less meat protein, and to eat more vegetables, fruit, high fiber, whole grains and beans. The first three chapters of the book are devoted to nutrition and how to create a healthier kitchen, including tips on pantry makeovers, kitchen tools, how to choose and cook food, and basic knife techniques.

The Passionate Vegetable demonstrates that there are many ways to deliciously use vegetables in meals including breakfasts, salads, sides, and entrees. In addition, there are chapters on meat, meat alternatives and "good for you" desserts. Along with the recipes are gorgeous photos, and "bits of insight" providing tips, history, fun and helpful information about the ingredients. This cookbook provides the reader with healthful, creative cooking techniques and recipes, but makes eating vegetables a passionate pursuit!

Enjoy these Passionate Vegetable recipes:
Beets and Tangerine Salad
Chinese Fried Brown Rice
Cashew Cream

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