Jewish Traditional Cooking

By Ruth Joseph & Simon Round, Kyle Books


About the authors:
Ruth Joseph lives in Cardiff, Wales. She is a prize winning Welsh-Jewish author and media personality, and has been involved in broadcasting on the BBC Wales. Her series was titled 
'Anti- Inflation Cookery'. She is also a food writer for the Jewish Chronicle.
Simon Round is a feature writer, a TV critic and former food editor and columnist at the Jewish Chronicle. For over two decades his writings have appeared in publications in Great Britain and abroad.

Jewish Traditional Cooking is a lovely book for everyone interested in heirloom Jewish culinary culture. The book takes the reader on a mouthwatering. bowl-licking journey of food and recipe memories lovingly rooted in generations of Ashkenazi and Sephardi family meals and festive celebrations.

The book emphasizes the importance of Jewish food to Jewish life, and the authors' interest in the origins of both the ingredients and the meanings of dishes. This cookbook shares 150 accessible kosher recipes for authentic Jewish food, including personal stories and anecdotes, a basic explanation of Jewish dietary laws along and a simple glossary of terms.

KosherEye Notes: After reading this cookbook cover to cover, and trying some of the recipes, we feel like we know the authors, Ruth and Simon, and have shared deliciousness in their kitchens. Not only do we want to continue our recipe journey through this cookbook, but we want to return to Wales and visit Ruth while she cooks. By the way, we have been to Wales and as this book reflects, Wales is a most beautiful, scenic, friendly and welcoming country.

Try these recipes from Jewish Traditional Cooking:

Grilled Asparagus Soufflé
Leek and Pea Pie
Vanilla Kipferi Cookies

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