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The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook and its sequel Miracles & Meals provide food for both body and soul. Each recipe is accompanied by a personal story of the Holocaust – of courage, loss, suffering, love, support, caring, life, death and miracles of survival. The book shares photos of Holocaust victims and survivors along with hundreds of recipes and memories. Each of the stories and recipes was lovingly collected from around the world by Joanne Caras and her family.

Sales from "The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook" and the second volume "Miracles & Meals" benefit the Israeli soup kitchen Carmel Ha'ir. The goal is to sell 6 million cookbooks as a tribute to the memory of those Jews who did not survive the Holocaust. In addition, Jewish groups around the world offer the books as fundraisers. Both cookbooks are available to be downloaded as e-books as well. To date, over a million dollars has been raised for charities from the sale of these two amazing cookbooks.

For more information about the project, to read our feature story, or to try some sample recipes such as Moishe Perlman's Salmon Cakes, Lillian Berliner's Palacscinta or George Salo Stern's Chicken Marbella, click here.

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Buy the books: This is a "gift yourself, gift others, gift everyone" KosherEye selection. We can't think of a better hostess gift, birthday gift or holiday gift. For generations to come, every story, every memory, every recipe, every picture in these books will help to ensure that the world remembers. Books are $36 each and can be ordered from survivorcookbook.org
or from Amazon: Holocaust Survivor Cookbook; Collected From Around the World; Miracles & Meals Volume 2 of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook.

KosherEye notes: Since several of the recipes may be recorded from recollections, a few are not as detailed as some cooks may require. KosherEye is always here to help. And, when you buy the books, if you recognize a survivor through their stories and recipes, an email address is provided to facilitate contact.



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