My Beverly Hills Kitchen

By Alex Hitz, Alfred A. Knopf Publisher

We were fascinated after reading the introduction when we discovered that the author Alex Hitz was born and "bred" in Atlanta. Yes, we have a special attachment to southern cooking and entertaining which is known to be friendly, frequent and hospitable! And then of course, most of our readers know that we are based in Atlanta. In this book, the talented author and caterer has simply relocated his southern culinary skills to Beverly Hills and shared some fabulous recipes, gracious entertaining, and presentation advice.

His step-by-step recipes are simple to follow – and enticing to prepare. Who can resist trying his signature recipes such as Cold Pea Soup with Mint; Dorothy's Baked Cheddar grits; Millionaire's Macaroni and Cheese; Dorothy's Fried Chicken.

We not only think that the recipes are exceptional – we confess that we read the book cover to cover. We peaked into Alex's celebrity filled life, (he shares recipes from his famous friends), and enjoyed a glimpse into his past Atlanta life... his traditional southern family, his socially active and well respected mother Caroline, his step-father, the famed symphony and chorale conductor Robert Shaw, and his beloved cook and culinary mentor, kitchen confidant of 40 years Dorothy Williams Davis. The food he grew up enjoying was inspired by his mother's time in Europe and infused with Dorothy's innate abilities in the kitchen. Guests at the Shaw house were treated to relaxed, unstuffy, southern elegance. The guest list spanned diverse groups from musical icons such as Leonard Bernstein, Leontyne Price and Aaron Copeland, to Coretta Scott King and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

According to Alex, the book presents irresistible comfort food re-imagined. Yes, we agree. He was kind enough to allow us to share some recipes with our readers. We truly enjoyed this book, and think that you will as well.

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Buy the book: My Beverly Hills Kitchen: Classic Southern Cooking with a French Twist for your cookbook library, or as a gift!

KosherEye notes: We highly recommend this cookbook, even though the kosher cook will definitely need to make some ingredient substitutions. Although you will have to be flexible and creative to maintain kashrut, don't hesitate to consider adding this book to your library or to your cookbook gift list. The photographs and presentation advice provide a feast for the eyes, and the recipes will provide a feast!

Enjoy these recipes for
Chicken Salad
Broccoli Slaw
Perfect Homemade Mayonnaise
Peach Ice Cream



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