And then there was Cake

And then there was Cake - desserts to enjoy and impress
Hebrew Academy of Montreal

Editor: Muriel Cohen, Co-editors: Chaya Lieberman, Jordana Levy, Vera Preisler, Vanessa Fallenbaum



"And then there was Cake" is a collection of more than 80 sweet confections & desserts ranging from classic to modern. The 200-page cookbook reflects Montreal's diverse Jewish heritage and is a shared project of the families of the Hebrew Academy of Montreal and its community,

This, the school's first cookbook, was published in June 2013. Created as a fundraising tool for the school, the book has grown to represent the varied backgrounds of the families who send their children to the Hebrew Academy of Montreal. It contains recipes with a "French accent" and presents a mix of Sephardi, Ashkenazi and international favorites. Recipes were submitted by parents, tested by the various members of the parents association's cookbook committee and ultimately by professional chef and food stylist Jacques Faucher. A picture accompanies every recipe.

"And then there was Cake" is more than just a collection of delectable baking, pastry and dessert recipes --  it is a valuable kitchen resource for any "chef" including the beginner, busy or experienced. The instructions are clear, and the photographs are magnificent.

The recurring themes of family and community, along with a deep respect for heritage, are summarized in the book's dedication "to the generations of Hebrew academy students past, present and future. This labor of love was launched over three years ago by five parents in the school, as "a celebration of life in all its sweetness", and supported by generous donors in the community. It is a beautiful book with excellent recipes, and well worth adding to a cookbook library.

Enjoy these recipes from And then there was Cake:

Velvety Chocolate Mousse
Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

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