Cooking Inspired by Estee Kafra

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Estee Kafra's new cookbook Cooking Inspired is a collection of some of the very best recipes from the popular website This beautiful new cookbook offers over 200 recipes accompanied by gorgeous photographs.

Estee is a multi-talented cookbook author, food editor, food photographer and KosherEye friend. She served as food editor of Binah magazine for 4 years, and then, when Michpacha magazine launched Kosher Inspired, she became editor. The magazine eventually morphed into the current website Esti serves as the site's editor, and often contributes her recipes and photographs as well. She is also the author of 2 previous bestselling cookbooks-Spice it Right and the beautiful two-piece set Cooking with Color. Whew! Quite a food-writing resume!

From Estee, "Food is one of our most primal needs, and for most of us, cooking is a basic, everyday chore. But food represents much more than the way in which we satisfy our cravings and keep ourselves alive. It is the way we nurture both ourselves and the people around us. I believe we can take this everyday act and elevate it into an experience of creativity, mindfulness, and meaning. In order to make the most of the world we live in, we need to open our hearts and minds to the inspiration all around us, to the myriad experiences and items that can shape our everyday lives. That's Cooking Inspired."

The recipes are varied and easy to follow – from appetizers, to sides, main courses and divine desserts. We found so many creative selections, that we cannot wait to try! There are selections for anytime including holiday, special occasion and everyday. Recipes are also identified for particular diets such as Gluten-Free, Passover-Friendly, and seasonal. Additionally, some recipes in the book have direct links to cooking videos on, to provide home cooks with step-by-step visual preparation.

Including Estee's recipes, contributors to the book read like a "who's who" of Jewish food writers and chefs including: David Blum, Chaia Frishman, Levana Kirschenbaum, Norene Gilletz, Daphna Rabinovitch, Sharon Matten, Paula Shoyer, and Alexandra Zohn.
This is a book that you will definitely want to add to your cookbook library. We are most definitely Inspired!

Try these Cooking Inspired recipes:
Herbed Garlic Oil
They'll-Never-Know Brownies
Honey Quinoa Rolls

Enjoy this sample video and learn to make Estee's favorite brisket.

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