Starters & Sides Made Easy
Kids Cooking Made Easy

Starters & Sides Made Easy and Kids Cooking Made Easy
By Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek, Artscroll/Mesorah Publications

We simply love these books. Why? Because they are simple...with easy to follow, triple tested kosher recipes, and full color photos. Authors Schapira and Dwek are in synch with their audience.
Leah Schapira, author of the bestselling cookbook, Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking, co-founder of and self-taught cook, has teamed up with Whisk managing food editor and journalist Victoria Dwek to create two more cookbooks in their "Made Easy Series".

Following the success of their cookbook Passover Made Easy, they have once again put both the "wow and easy" into these two new cookbooks. We have previously shared our observation that we don't think this pair ever sleeps. They seem to have boundless energy, as is evident in these creative, contemporary, friendly and practical cookbooks. Not only will you love, love, love the simplicity and deliciousness of the recipes, but also you will find the banter between Victoria and Leah entertaining, humorous and instructive.

Starters and Sides Made Easy will help any cook whip up simple, fast and delicious accompaniments to the main part of the meal. In fact some of these are so good, like the onion rings shared below, that they will be the stars of the meal. (Check out the "make it a main" guide.) People will not guess that these recipes are actually quick and simple to prepare. Each recipe is broken down into easy to follow steps, instructional tidbits, and tips to help with plating and serving. There is also a helpful section on preparation of the "basics", and a handy "flavor made easy" spice guide as well. Many of the recipes are make aheads, and can pop right out of the freezer for rewarming. There are "ahead" tips for each recipe. According to Victoria: If a recipe is not freezer-friendly, it has to be fast to be included in this book. This is the perfect book for the busy homemaker, or for that matter for cooks who wants to add some "presto pizzazz" to their everyday or Shabbos menus.

Kids Cooking Made Easy is welcoming to children in the kitchen. Whether cooking alongside mom or bubbie, following these recipes will remove the intimidation kids feel (yes boys and girls) with the idea of cooking, and make it fun. Each recipe (there are 60) has a photo, some with additional step-by-step photos, and accompanying Cooking School tips. How to techniques, such as advice on how to simmer or sauté are shared with the readers. The choice of recipes will motivate any young "chef" to get started, and includes appetizers, mains, desserts and snacks. There is even a craft section. How did Leah and Victoria decide which recipes to include? Once the kids in their neighborhood heard that they were seeking suggestions for this book, they enthusiastically volunteered information on what they like to eat, like to buy and wish that they could make themselves. This book is appropriate for children (8 and up is optimum), a new cook, a teen, an adult seeking kid friendly recipes or a "kid at heart". Sounds to us, that this list covers just about anyone who wants simple, delicious, easy to make meals.

Enjoy these "Made Easy" recipes from. . .
Kids Cooking Made Easy

Starters & Sides Made Easy

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