The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home
By Michael C. Zusman and Nick Zukin
Andrews McMeel Publishing

AM_Deli_cover_400wDeli food is back and enjoying a global resurgence. The foods of the traditional Jewish deli such as corned beef, pastrami, chopped liver, pickles, borscht, rugelach, blintzes, bagels, bialys and schmaltz are trending. Agreed, most are not particularly heart healthy, such as those memorable and legendary overstuffed deli sandwiches, but certainly, even health conscious eaters can treat themselves occasionally, and in moderation. In their book The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home co-Authors Nick Zukin and Michael Zusman share 100 recipes for cherished Jewish deli foods, some updated, some seasonal and some in their pure traditional versions. And best of all, they can all be made from scratch, at home.

The book provides the tools and recipes to create authentic and nostalgic dishes. The photos make us hungry, and the recipes, are mouthwatering and easy to follow. "The typical little-of-this-little-of-that Jewish cooking style instructions are pinned down in this collection of artisanal style Jewish recipes, tips and tricks. Deli fans and DIY-ers alike will enjoy this book."

Now about the authors, who are both from Portland, Oregon:
Michael Zusman is a full time, state trial judge by day. As a relaxation technique, he took a bread-baking class several years ago, and developed a serious passion and love for baking. In addition, he is a freelance restaurant food writer at night.

Nick Zukin, is the co-owner of Kenny and Zuke's Deli in Portland, a popular restaurant which focuses on artisanal foods, like house-made pastrami and hand rolled bagels. (No, sadly the Deli is not kosher at this time, but the book shares many of its much beloved recipes). Nick is also a well-known food blogger in the Portland area.

We suggest this book as an excellent addition to a well-stocked Jewish food cookbook library. The recipes are simply wonderful, easy to follow and provide a wide range of choices for anyone who would like to prepare culturally authentic or updated Jewish deli food at home.

KosherEye Note:
 A few of the recipes have both meat and dairy combinations listed in the ingredient list, and will have to be tweaked for the kosher home. This is easy to do. However, if you have any questions, simply send us an email. We're happy to help.

Enjoy these recipes for:

Mammy's Savory Noodle Keegal - An Heirloom recipe from Michael's Grandma, Rose Fertig
Hamantashen – Dairy and Delicious
Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons- Passover Friendly

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