Johnny Harris Restaurant Cookbook


By Julie Lowenthal, Pelican Publishing Company

Since 1924, Johnny Harris has been a legendary name in Southern Barbecue. From its beginning as a tiny BBQ "joint", the Johnny Harris Restaurant grew to be one of the largest and most popular full service food destinations in Savannah. Unfortunately, the restaurant is NOT kosher; however, much of the restaurant's growing reputation was due to their now famous sauces. In addition to the original flavor, six additional varieties have been added, all offspring of the original sauces and all kosher certified by SAV-K (Savannah Kosher). Family members are still at the helm of the company and the sauces are shipped worldwide. There are currently seven sauce varieties including Original BBQ, Hickory BBQ, Carolina Mustard BBQ, Beef BBQ, Spicy Honey BBQ, Hot Wing Sauce and Steak Sauce.

We are covering Johnny Harris because (1) WE LOVE the kosher sauces, and (2) they have recently published the new Johnny Harris Restaurant Cookbook. The cookbook was written by Julie Lowenthal, the granddaughter of Kermit Lynnwood "Red" Donaldson, who began working at Johnny Harris Restaurant in 1927 and eventually became the full owner.

Yes, substitutions are warranted for some of the recipes, and yes, a few of the recipes may be challenging to find kosher substitutes, but in our opinion, the book is a must-have for those who want to cook authentic southern dishes.

We are currently cooking our way through the pages. Including Vidalia onion rolls (fabulous, we ate way too many!), Sweet Country Cornbread, Fresh Georgia Peach Pie, Honey–Butter Grilled Corn, Chicken Pot Pie and on and on. . . Our recommendation "Y'all":  If you are a fan of southern food or would like to try southern food, buy the book! Even Scarlett would know that this is the real thing.

Enjoy these Johnny Harris recipes:
Vidalia Onion Rolls
Chicken Pot Pie
Fresh Georgia Peach Pie

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