The Baking Bible

By Rose Levy Beranbaum
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Rose Beranbaum Levy is considered the "diva of desserts", "the most meticulous cook who ever lived", and a "legendary baker." Her long-awaited and comprehensive baking book is finally here, and in it she shares all-new recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, candies, pastries, breads and more.

Rose was a three-time winner of a James Beard Award and is the author of 10 cookbooks, including The Cake Bible, now in its 50th printing and named one of the top 13 baking books on the James Beard Foundation's "Essential" Book List. WOW!

Her newest masterpiece, The Baking Bible covers the world of baking from recipes for everyday treats to the most elaborate confections. Each recipe is fool proof—with detailed instructions that eliminate guesswork...that is if you follow Rose's mantra, her golden rules. Rose wants to impress upon her readers to use her precise approach.

To ensure consistent results, she reiterates her golden rules, her mantra, throughout the book. She encourages her readers to internalize the rules before beginning the baking process and to follow her fastidious guidelines. She emphasizes the need to formulate good baking habits– such as: reading the entire recipe before starting; utilizing precise measurements; and using the correct, specified ingredients (i.e. bleached flour means bleached flour!). She also shares her tips and tricks on rectifying baking mishaps -- such as a cake that cracks on top or a pie crust that shrinks, etc. She shares brand new baking techniques such as rolling dough out at 60F to keep dough from sticking and how to make the juiciest apple pie ever.  Rose puts baking success within reach of any baker.

In addition to her award-winning and prolific baking repertoire, Rose also has a product line, Rose Levy Bakeware, which includes Rose's Perfect Pie Plate (love this item!) and Rose's Heavenly Cake Strip, both distributed by Harold Imports.

The Baking Bible is an essential addition to any serious or budding home baker's library and a definitive, meticulously researched magnum opus of Rose Levy Beranbaum's illustrious baking career. We think that The Baking Bible, along with Rose's The Cake Bible, should be staples in the home library of every serious baker or budding serious baker.

Be sure to see the Top Ten Foolproof Baking Tips from Rose.

Enjoy this recipe for Rose's rugelach. And forgive us if you can't stop noshing! You'll note that the recipe is not in our usual format. . . Rose, please note that we are just being precise and not changing a word.

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