Spiritual Kneading through the Jewish Months
Building the Sacred through Challah
By Dahlia Abraham-Klein, Shamashi Publishers


Challah, we love it because of tradition, we eat it because it is delicious and we make it because it is a mitzvah, a spiritual connection to G-d, especially for Jewish women. The time we spend kneading challah is a sacred time.

From Dahlia Abraham Klein: "Every week before Shabbat in the sanctuary of observant Jewish homes, we are graced with a special capacity to meditate and to converse with God while kneading dough to make challah. The kneading is an action meditation, best understood as the performance of commandments and rituals. While meditatively kneading, you can clear the mind for a holy intention and open the channel as a springboard to reach G-d."

Spiritual Kneading though the Jewish Months presents a collection of challah recipes, Jewish spiritual insights, and Torah study as it relates to each Jewish month, specifically Rosh Chodesh, the new month. The purpose of the book is to enhance women's spiritual growth via the tradition of challah baking--while meditating on and learning about the Jewish theme of the month. The book gives an extensive history of Rosh Chodesh, the renewal of the moon, and why it's traditionally been a woman's holiday and a time to knead challah in the quiet of one's own home or even better, as part of a group. It covers all twelve months of the Jewish year, with specific Torah text for each month, as well as a challah recipe that relates the Torah theme of that month. Spiritual Kneading integrates body and soul, the ethereal and the physical. We found it inspiring, meaningful, elevating . . .  and yes, delicious.

Each Jewish month includes a meditation to accompany the kneading of the dough -- along with sources, ideas, and questions to consider for one's own personal spiritual growth or to be discussed in a group while the challah dough is rising. Spiritual Kneading provides a yearlong journey-- a meaningful experience, whether done alone at home, or accompanied by others, while lovingly shaping the physical dough. It is a beautiful collection of sacred thoughts and recipes, and should have a treasured place in the Jewish home.

Try Dahlia Abraham-Klein's basic challah recipe:
Basic Challah Recipe with Dry Yeast

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