The Cake Book

~ Tish Boyle


There is nothing better than to curl up with a good book—a cookbook that is. We love to read cookbooks! And when we are finished reading, based on the number of "sticky notes" peeking out of the pages, we know whether the content inspired us to make the recipes. Inspired us to want to start taking out the pans, checking the pantry for the ingredients and dreaming of the end result.

The Cake Book is such a book; written by Tish Boyle, award–winning cookbook author and editor of Dessert Professional Magazine (prior to assuming that position she was the editor of Chocolatier Magazine).  The book reflects the author's attention to style and detail as evidenced in the chapters describing ingredients, cake-baking equipment and techniques/tips. We found them to be very informative, especially the following statement, "If you put great things into your cakes, with a little effort and some luck, great things will come out of your oven." How true and, with the recipes in this book, great things will come out of your oven.  

The Cake Book contains a selection of 200 recipes that range from Basic White and Yellow Cake Layers to Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Pound Cake, Meringue Cakes (White Chocolate Strawberry Meringue Cake), Brownie Latte Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake and Sour Cream-Blueberry Crumb Cake. The recipes are clearly written, each one includes a short descriptive note from the author and a rating to indicate the complexity—from simple to very advanced. The ingredients for each recipe are listed  in volume and weight; those who like to measure using weight will appreciate this detail. 

KosherEye asked Tish about her inspiration for writing The Cake Book, "Cakes are, hands-down, my favorite things to make. I love the idea of perfecting their individual components—the cake layers, the filling, the frosting and the garnish—and assembling them in creative ways. I wanted to do a comprehensive collection of cake recipes in every category, from simple buttery pound cakes to sky-high layer cakes, and I hope I’ve achieved that."

We would say that she has achieved her goal with this cookbook.  The book reflects her skill, experience, creativity, and love of baking. The beautiful photographs by John Uher, capture her creations and makes you want to bake, bake, bake. 

About Tish Boyle:
"A graduate of Smith College and La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, Tish Boyle has been working in the food world for over 20 years. She is currently the editor of Dessert Professional magazine in New York (formerly Chocolatier and Pastry Art & Design), and has worked as a caterer, pastry chef and food stylist. She is the author of The Good Cookie and Diner Desserts, and coauthor of Simply Sensational Desserts (IACP Award Winner), Chocolate Passion, and the Grand Finales series of books."

KosherEye recommends The Cake Book as a Gift Yourself, Gift Others item... certainly this is the ultimate “go to” volume for the devoted serious baker. Tish has shared two of her recipes with KosherEye; no-bake Raspberry–Topped Lemon Cheesecake and  Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse Cake.

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Please read excerpts from our interview with the very talented Tish Boyle.

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