Jewish Soul Food
From Minsk to Marrakesh
by Janna Gur, Schocken Books

More than 100 Unforgettable Dishes Updated for Today's Kitchen

Jewish Soul Food From Minsk to Marrakesh is a beautifully illustrated cookbook with over 100 authentic dishes, gathered from the Jewish diaspora. The book presents a vibrant melting pot of recipes, many of the greatest hits from the tables of our "Jewish Grandmothers", updated for the contemporary cook. ‬

‪For more than two thousand years, Jews throughout the world adapted cuisines to their needs, reflecting the influences of their neighbors and their memories from their past wanderings. However, many of these cuisines are now be on the verge of extinction, because many of these Jewish communities no longer exist. The exception to this is Israel...where there are still many cooks from  immigrant generations who know and love these dishes, and cook them regularly. "Israel has become a living laboratory for this beloved treasure of endangered Jewish food. ‬"‬‬

Janna Gur, the curator of Jewish Soul Food, is the longtime editor of Al Hashulchan, a popular food publication in Israel. A native of Riga, Latvia, she immigrated to Israel in 1974 at the age of 15.‬ She is on a mission to share precious Jewish heritage through food. She believes that the way to preserve traditional Jewish cuisine for future generations is to cook it. The diverse recipes in this collection reflect the Jewish culinary past. These are the dishes that are rooted in the Diaspora, and have been embraced by Israelis as part of the country's multicultural culinary landscape. From the author: "By cooking and serving these foods to those you love, you help to keep them alive and pass it on to the next generation". KosherEye agrees!
Enjoy these Passover Friendly recipes for:
Beef and Potato Sofrito
Marochino - Flourless Almond Cookies

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