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The Covenant Kitchen
Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table
by Jeff and Jodie Morgan

   Covenant cookbook cover

According to Jeff and Jodie Morgan, we are in the midst of a renaissance in kosher dining. They point to the signs they see: a blossoming of upscale kosher restaurants and artisanal delis; the coming of age of the modern Jewish home kitchen, inspired by a new focus on International Jewish Cuisine, and the availability of good kosher wines. The KosherEye team agrees with them!

The Covenant Kitchen: Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table (Schocken) was written by this talented duo, the co-owners of Covenant Winery in Berkeley, California. Jeff is a former instructor at the Culinary Institute of America and ex-West Coast editor for Wine Spectator Magazine; Jodie is the former Executive Director of the American Institute of Food and Wine (AIWF). Neither was raised in a kosher home- so their journey is familiar but extraordinary.

Covenant wines has received accolades by kosher wine connoisseurs and mainstream experts as well, including praise as the source of "the world's finest kosher wines" by renowned wine critic Robert Parker. Jeff and Jodie believe that wine is really about eating, not just about drinking: "We rarely drink wine without food — it just doesn't happen in our house. It's all about sitting down and sharing something that tastes really good with each other, with our friends and our family."

This is a cookbook for food lovers and wine lovers...with more than 100 recipes along with wine pairings, all complemented by irresistible photographs. With more that 20 years of professional food writing and wine making experience, Jeff and Jodie share many of their favorite at home recipes in this their first kosher cookbook. The recipes are approachable, with ingredients that you will easily find.
They offer culinary makeovers for traditional foods along with many new, creative and lovely contemporary dishes. The Covenant kitchen offers a fresh spin on kosher. Who can resist Cowboy Cholent? Of course it should be paired with "big rich red wines" or their lemon rosemary pasta or their ginger sesame noodles – both to be paired with a bright lemony sauvignon blanc. This cookbook is a very special addition to the contemporary kitchen bookshelf, and is a must for wine lovers as well. From the Morgans "Our goal is to nourish our bodies with fresh, good-tasting, healthful ingredients". This book gives their readers a chance to join them in this journey, and to take a seat in their kitchen.

Enjoy these sample recipes!
Halibut Pockets with Spiced Olive Tapenade and Kasha
Apple-Stuffed Rosemary Roast Chicken with New Potatoes


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Jeff and Jodie Morgan have collaborated on seven previous cookbooks, most of them for wineries or restaurants, but their latest, "features the kinds of dishes they are likely to make at home. Many have nothing Jewish about them but are easily made kosher, and some are twists on old Jewish classics, like the gefilte quenelles with braised leeks and lemon zest, and the fish soup with matzo balls and aioli.


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