A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets

A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets
Recipes from a New York Baking Legend
for Strudel, Stollen, Danishes, Puff Pastry, and More

Cookbook Jewish Baker cover 240W
by George Greenstein, with Elaine Greenstein, Julia Greenstein and Isaaac Bleicher
Penguin Random Press

Recipes for strudel, coffee cake, danish, stollen and many delicious European pastries can be found in this mouthwatering collection of classics.

Several years ago we covered George Greenstein’s James Beard award-winning book The Secrets of a Jewish Baker. At that time we thought that George Greenstein had shared his entire repertoire. Absolutely not. Even though, he is no longer with us, his daughters Elaine and Julia have gathered his pastry specialties to share.
George Greenstein was a third generation professional baker who owned and ran a Jewish Bakery, The Cheesecake King on Long island. He passed away in 2012. Baking is most definitely the multigenerational Greenstein family business.

For anyone that wants to make authentic European pastries, Greenstein’s methods, techniques and recipes are the ultimate go to guide. He provides the “building blocks” for classic pastries. His tips for ingredients and equipment are shared, along with baker’s secrets. As I read through the book, it stirred memories of the aromas of traditional bakeries. (Both my father and grandfather worked in a bakery for a portion of their lives.) These pastries are to be savored, shared, created and served with love.

So, I am heading to the oven with recipes from George Greenstein.- planning to make cheese danish to start. We are sharing the recipes so you can bake along with us….The book offers 200 recipes, and we are glad that they are secret no longer. This collection is perfect for the advanced baker, along with the passionate beginner. In danish baking, I consider myself in the latter category. Wish me luck!

Click here to view George Greenstein's recipe for Cheese Danish


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