The Gefilte Manifesto


Gefilte Manifesto cover
The Gefilte Manifesto
New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods
by Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz
Publisher: FlatIron Books

The Gefilte Manifesto, a book of 100 recipes and lots of friendly advice, is a salute to traditional Jewish cooking, but with fresh, contemporary flavors. It is a resource for the 21st century cook, complete with gorgeous photos, easy to follow recipes and creative do it yourself dishes.

The authors are cofounders of The Gefilteria. Liz Alpern worked with the famed cookbook author, Joan Nathan. Liz has been featured in national publications including Forbes, Saveur and many magazines and newspapers. Jeffrey Yoskowitz, co-founder of The Gefilteria, gained experience as a “pickler” at Adamah Farm, has been a food business professional, and shares his knowledge through lectures and workshops about Jewish food and culture. The pair are on a mission to reclaim, revolutionize and popularize Ashkenazi cooking, emphasizing the sourcing freshness and seasonality of the Eastern European based food culture.

Samples of their recipe creativity include classic fried sour pickles with garlic aioli, kasha varnishkes with brussel sprouts, sweet lukshen kugel with plums, and crispy honey glazed chicken with tsimmes. Each recipe, although tweaked for the contemporary palate, inspired us to look back to our Eastern European roots. The authors extol how “resourceful, fresh and seasonal” these cooks were.

From the authors: “The Gefilte Manifesto is more than a cookbook. It’s a call to action, a reclamation of time-honored techniques and ingredients, Cook the Manifesto… The results are radically delicious. We of The Gefilteria plan to bring our foods out of the jar and back to the street, to the pushcarts where we began, to the flavors of the people.” And yes, the book includes a whole chapter including recipes for their world famous Gefilte Fish.
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Enjoy these sample recipes:
Lukshen Kugel with Plums
Crispy Honey Glazed Chicken with Tsimmes


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