The Silver Platter - Simple Elegance

silver platter cover

By Daniella Silver
with Tips and Techniques by Norene Gilletz

The second volume of The Silver Platter once again reflects its name, it sparkles! The book's author, Daniella Silver follows her previous bestseller with this volume of 160 new and contemporary recipes along with some delicious updates on classics. Each recipe is simple to create and paired with gorgeous photos. Working closely with bestselling cookbook author and food luminary Norene Gilletz, Daniella creates dishes that are a delight to prepare, to serve, and, of course, to eat.

The Silver Platter-Simple Elegance features recipes for every occasion; from weeknight suppers to Shabbos meals to holiday celebrations. The book shares dishes with accessible ingredients and easy to follow directions. The author instructs readers as to which recipes can be frozen; which are gluten free and which are Passover friendly. We particularly like "Norene's notes", tidbits of advice offering tips, techniques, well seasoned culinary experience and cooking wisdom. Stunning photos accompany each recipe, and for those health minded cooks, there is a detailed nutritional analysis at the back of the book..

As we've shared previously, "Daniella and Norene are quite a match - or as is said in yiddish, make quite a shidduch!  Daniella has an extraordinary sense of color, style and presentation, while Norene possesses a wealth of understanding. experience and knowledge of kosher cooking methods.  Bring them together, and it's like having two gourmet chefs with you in your kitchen!"

From Norene: When I first met Daniella and saw her passion and commitment, I was very excited about helping her achieve her goal of writing her own cookbook. Daniella reminded me of myself when I was her age. Daniella and I make a perfect partnership as a writing team because we each have unique strengths that merge together, resulting in one clear vision. Working with Daniella was an opportunity to use my culinary wisdom and knowledge in a productive way, making a difference for future generations.

From Daniella: After discussing the concept of a cookbook with my family, I decided to explore possibilities. I phoned Norene Gilletz a well-known local author who had published nine successful cookbooks. Both my mother and grandmother used Norene's book Second Helpings Please! as a staple in their kitchens. My heart raced as I dialed Norene's number. I thought what will she say? What I didn't know was that despite her hugely successful career, Norene is a down to earth friendly person, generous with her time and advice. It was the coming together of 2 generations- A Match Made in Heaven"...A labor of love, which took 2 years. And, now we have the second volume! 

Enjoy these sample recipes from The Silver Platter, Simple Elegance:
Thick & Hearty Split Pea Soup 
Stuffed Beef Cannelloni

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