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Rising cover
Rising The Book of Challah
by Rochie Pinson, Feldheim 

We could not put this book down. It is so very beautifully written, and is most definitely more than just recipes. It is the meaningful, nurturing story of challah, of family, of tradition, of love, of memories and of food. The theme throughout the book written by Rebbetzin Rochie Pinson is her belief that each step of the recipe for challah reflects the recipe for life... mixing it, kneading it, blessing it, eating it and elevating it. “A challah dough is a living organism, requiring air, water, attention and intention. The recipe for making challah closely mirrors the recipe for a well-balanced life.“ She shares the experiences and thoughts she has found while perfecting the art of challah baking, and her insights teaching standing room only challah workshops around the world. This cookbook/memoir is a work of art, for its message, recipes, and its 75 full-color photos by photographer Monica Pinto. Rising is a book for challah mavens and beginners alike. It is for anyone apprehensive about making challah, anyone who wants to broaden their challah making skills, or anyone who wants to understand more about the mitzvah of challah baking.

Rebbetzin Pinson presents 38 unique, time-tested challah recipes, including gluten-free oat challah, sourdough challah, a challah for each Jewish holiday (such as apple-and-honey challah), and challahs from around the world (plus recipes for leftover dough and challah. She shares 37 illustrated braiding techniques with step-by-step instructions. Some say that her recipe for making her own basic challah is worth the price of the book!

Enjoy this sample recipe from RisingHarvest Pumpkin Challah

From Rebbetzin Rochie
“I think of challah making as one of those lost arts that used to be passed down from Mama to daughter, but which lots of us need to figure out on our own in this modern world. So throughout the book, I am there to be your loving guide through the process. Answering every question, predicting every mishap, providing you with step by step directions, and lots of helpful tips! …“Throughout this book I invite you into my little kitchen as we measure ,mix knead and shape. It is my hope and prayer that the ancient wisdom in challah that has guided me in my own journey will do the same for you dear reaer and give rise to a happier home, and a more confident, nurturing you.”

KosherEye has chosen Rising as a “gift yourself gift others” selection. We think that it is a perfect gift for a holiday or Shabbos host, a new bride or simply for your cookbook library. Watch Rebbetzin Rochie’s video for how challah reflects life.
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