Masala Mamas

Masala Mamas cookbook cover
Masala Mamas
Recipes and stories from Indian women changing their communities
through food and love

A Vegetarian, Kosher Cookbook
Lioness Publishers

Elana Sztokman, Editor

Some years ago Jacob Sztokman was in Mumbai for his position as a marketing executive, and was taken for a visit to the Kalwa slum. There he found that children, as young as five, were working instead of attending school. They needed 60 rupees each (about 80 cents) from working so that they could pay for their food each day. Sztokman went into action. Years later, he is still working to help the children of Kalwa. In collaboration with his wife Dr. Elana Sztokman this cookbook, Masala Mamas, is the latest step in this effort.

Masala Mamas is a cookbook to benefit the families of the Kalwa slum in Mumbai India. The book tells the story of an amazing group of women who are cooking and working to motivate kids to go to school, and encourage families to send them. Through the pages of this meaningful book, you will meet the Masala Mamas, 16 women who live in the Kalwa slum and are dedicating their lives to providing hot meals for kids in school. Early every morning, with love and dedication, they cook hundreds of hot, nutritious meals for the children –made from fresh local ingredients and aromatic spices. The Masala Mamas cookbook shares very personal stories and authentic recipes. As I read it, some sections brought tears, and other sections smiles. The book “is about women, friendship, social change, Indian culture, and most of all love. All through food.”

For more information on how to support this worthy organization, visit which cares for vulnerable children and their communities in several underserved rural slums of Maharashtra, India. The project is a grassroots response to poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, hunger and child labor in India.

Try this sample recipe for Tofu Fish Masala – tested and photographed for us by Lois Held, co-founder of KosherEye.

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