Bais Yaakov Cookbook 2

 Bais yaakov 2 cover

Bais Yaakov Cookbook 2

An Exclusive Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Recipes to Elevate Shabbos, YomTov and The Everyday. Batsheva Weinstein, Editor;  Distributed by Feldheim.

This is the second edition of the series, a follow-up to the very popular original Bais Yaakov Cookbook. In addition to over 150 recipes accompanied by the photos of the talented photographer/food stylist John Uher, the book shares halachic guidelines as they relate to cooking. There is comprehensive culinary information for food preparation, measurement, selection, a food brachos guide, and a fruit/vegetable cleaning chart. 

We think that Bais Yaakov 2 is a “must” have in a kosher cookbook library, appropriate for the newbie homemaker or the seasoned cook. To quote the editors: the purpose of The Bais Yaakov 2 cookbook is “to continue to elevate, inspire and infuse the table with spirituality. This cookbook is a project of the Fund for Jewish Education -- All proceeds go to Tzedakah. 

Enjoy these fabulous recipes from this fabulous cookbook;  

Melt Away Babka 
Honey Cookies with Vanilla Glaze

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