The German-Jewish Cookbook

German Jewish Cookbook Cover
The German-Jewish Cookbook

By Gabrielle Rossmer Gropman and Sonya Gropman
Brandeis University Press

Food Tradition is very important to us; Recipes offer a glimpse into the cultural history of people, and their foodways. Through vintage recipes we learn what people ate and how they lived. The German Jewish cookbook accomplishes this. The reader is transported into pre-WWII Germany, and the recipes which traveled with families escaping the war and turbulence in Europe. This cookbook features recipes with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients, including soups, challah, vegetable dishes; meats, poultry, fish and desserts, ranging from cold weather comfort food to light summer fare. The authors, the Gropmans - a mother-daughter pair, have celebrated original recipes that Gabrielle remembered from her youth. She arrived in the U.S in 1939.

From the authors: “Some of these recipes come from friends and family; others have been culled from interviews conducted by the authors, prewar German-Jewish cookbooks, nineteenth-century American cookbooks, community cookbooks, memoirs, or historical and archival material. The introduction explains the basics of Jewish diet (kosher law). The historical chapter that follows sets the stage by describing Jewish social customs in Germany and then offering a look at life in the vibrant émigré community of Washington Heights in New York City in the 1940s and 1950s.
The cookbook is illustrated with fifty drawings and photographs, and will appeal to those interested in Jewish German cuisine, how it evolved, and how to replicate these much beloved dishes. The collection is the first German-Jewish cookbook in a century. It is a history and memoir with over 100 recipes. It is  a memorable, informative and delicious window into an important period of Jewish food history.
Try these recipes for: 
Pickled Herring Salad
Apple Cake with Yeast Dough (Apfelkuchen)

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