Soup — A Kosher Collection

~ Pam Reiss

Soup A Kosher Collection

Soup. It's the ultimate food. Perfect in any season and for any reason. Soup can be served hot or cold, winter or summer. Have a bowl of soup when you are happy, sad, sick or feeling great. It becomes a meal when served with bread or a sandwich or salad, and yes, it can even be enjoyed as dessert...(think chocolate!).

Soup --  A Kosher Collection, is a delightful cookbook consisting almost entirely of soup recipes. It is well written, well organized and contains an array of 140 recipes. This book entices you to make soup every day, every season. Included are traditional recipes, such as Chicken Soup, to an exotic recipe for Strawberry Sambuca Soup. Chicken soup invokes fond memories for Pam. "I make it the same way my grandmother and parents make it. Each pot takes me back to Friday night dinner with family," she said. The recipes are easy to follow and are not complicated. Each includes nutritional information, storage notes and helpful instructions.

KosherEye made several of the recipes and enjoyed each one. Pam’s Roasted Corn Chowder (dairy) was fabulous. It was just as good-- if not better-- the second day. (We used the Kuhn Rikon Stainless Corn Zipper, to zap the corn kernels cleanly off the cob.) We also made the Carrot Dill Soup and it was outstanding. It is a simple recipe that will become a favorite. We loved the Chicken Satay Soup. It is full of so many good ingredients; chicken stock, sliced chicken breast, water chestnuts and, that all-time favorite, peanut butter.

We asked Pam if she had a favorite soup recipe and it was hard for her to pick just one. Among the ones she listed was Pear Soup with Feta, Pecans and Balsamic Reduction. "It's simple, but really different and delicious," said Pam. A delectable picture of it is in the book — we will try that one next!

Soup — A Kosher Collection was nominated for the Cuisine Canada Cookbook Award.

About Pam Reiss:

Pam grew up behind the scenes in her parent's kosher catering company. She earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Minnesota, and is currently co-owner of a specialty food store, Desserts Plus, in Winnipeg, Canada. Pam's cooking philosophy is simple and straightforward. She has two rules: keep it simple and use the best ingredients. She knows about food and, after reading and using her book, it is clear that she knows how to cook.

She is currently hard at work on her second cookbook, Passover A Kosher Collection, and expects to have it printed by mid-January, 2010. It will contain a mix of traditional, modern (manicotti, stratas, quiche, etc.) and dessert (pecan flan, carrot cake, ice cream, etc.) Passover recipes. For updates on the book, follow Pam on her blog:

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