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With Paula Shoyer, Author of  The Kosher Baker


What prompted you to write the cookbook? 
I had been teaching classes for years and developing recipes when I had the opportunity to edit and recipe test,  two of Susie Fishbein's books .  While working on the Kosher by Designs  Entertains book, I thought that maybe I could write my own dessert book.  I also felt that there was a need for better parve desserts in the world.

How long did it take (to compile the book) and what was the source/inspiration for the recipes?
The book took nearly 5 years to get out in the world.  My recipe ideas come from everywhere - a great dairy dessert I wanted parve, looking in the windows of pastry shops in Paris and copying those desserts albeit parve, combining tastes I thought interesting, and occasionally from friends.  I am basically a scientific baker, so I come up with ideas and then bake over and over again to get the recipes right. 

Do you have anything in the "pipeline" -  a new cookbook, promoting the book, etc.?
I have booked about 20 events around the country to promote the book.  As for the next book, I am thinking about a book of desserts for parties and special occasions.  I develop new desserts all the time.  I have been thinking about napoleons with interesting flavors in the cream filling

We love to include a personal, little know fact about our featured guests - so, what don't most people know about you?
I coach ten-year-old boys in basketball. They were undefeated last year.

What a lucky basketball team - to have a coach who is also a pastry chef! They must enjoy some very good homemade treats after each practice and game. Wonder what Coach Paula baked for the team after being crowned undefeated for the year!