Kosher By Design Cookbook Series Recipe Index


How we wish that we could sit back, press a key on our computer and see an categorized, alphabetical index of all of the recipes in all of our cookbooks. We never remember which book has that perfect strawberry salad, cheese quiche, chicken cacciatore and so forth, even though we do have many sticky notes marking pages.  

Wel, finally someone has fulfilled our wish, and yes it’s our friend, Susie Fishbein.  The entire 7 volumes of Kosher by Design is indexed – every recipe is easily found. Now of course, the one caveat is that you must have these books in your library. If you don’t have have them, please treat yourself, or someone else, to the set. And then, find just the right recipe... anytime!

To view, download or print the free index, just click -  Kosher by Design Series Recipe Index. Visit to purchase the  Kosher by Design Cookbook Series.

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