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by Gloria Kobrin & APPSolute Media

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The Kosher Cookbook app is an example of a perfect "shidduch" (match). Take one talented cook/food instructor/food writer (Gloria Kobrin) and one talented techie/ entrepreneur  (Alexander Libkind) – arrange an introduction – and kosher cookbooks have gone high-tech!

Gloria Kobrin is the author of the first kosher cookbook application created for the iPhone & iPad Touch user. Appropriately titled, Kosher Cookbook, it contains over 300 recipes, cooking times, freezing information, menu suggestions, shopping lists – it is the perfect "accessory" for today's busy cook. The app is easy to use and the recipes are organized into categories, just like a printed cookbook index. With this app, the on-the-go cook can be anywhere, at any time, and have the ability to access a recipe (or an entire menu) and create a shopping list of necessary ingredients – yes, everything, everywhere there is a connection!

Gloria brings many years of culinary experience to the app. She wrote a cooking column for The Jewish Week newspaper, taught cooking classes at Yeshiva University and worked as a boutique baker, selling baked goods out of her own home kitchen.  She is an accomplished self–taught cook who, at an early age, "felt a kinship with the kitchen." Growing up, her mother did not cook and their housekeeper prepared meals using the family recipes. Kosher Cookbook is the result of a cookbook she co-wrote but never published.

Enter, Alexander Libkind, CEO of APPSolute Media, a digital media agency and publishing company. Gloria was Introduced to Libkind by her son Jon Kobrin. Within two months of their initial meeting, on September 9, 2009 APPSolute Media launched the first cookbook application created for the kosher cook.  Today, the Kosher Cookbook iPhone & iPad Touch application is selling in over 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy & Sweden.

KosherEye asked Gloria how she developed her recipes. "They are traditional ones from family that I have tweaked and gone over. None of them were real recipes and I just had to figure them out. I also adapted recipes, changing them for the kosher kitchen. I draw inspiration depending on what items are in the refrigerator."

Gloria has shared four of her delectable recipes from the Kosher Cookbook app: Moussaka, Short Ribs (Flanken) in Orange - Hoisin Sauce, Apricot Raspberry Tart and Apple Tart.

We had a delightful conversation with Gloria and learned she is a very multi–talented and diverse woman. This native New Yorker is good at languages, has a BA degree in French from NYU, and translates French to English. Gloria is also a certified Family Mediator. All this, plus an interesting little know fact about her – read more of our KosherEye Chat with Gloria Kobrin.

The Kosher Cookbook app for iPhone & iPad Touch is available for $4.99 on the Kosher Cookbook website. Visit the website and see a brief demo of the features of the application. We feel this is a wonderful tool and a great gift for yourself or someone who has an iPhone or iPad – wish it was available on other platforms.

Visit Gloria on her KosherCookbook blog,

May 2, 2011

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