A KosherEye Chat with Gloria Kobrin


We are continuing our conversation with the talented Gloria Kobrin, author of the first kosher cookbook application created for the iPhone & iPad Touch user, Kosher Cookbook.

How has the response been to your app?
Very good with over 9,000 sold. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes, and we have many recipes that use tofu. We have a large Muslim following.

What are your favorite kitchen tools?
The Cuisinart is my third hand; Microplane grater, KitchenAid blender, and the Chinese spider strainer.

Please share your favorite kitchen tips/secrets with our readers.
I do a lot of advance planning – menu, grocery list, and consider how long it takes to make. I cook and freeze as much as possible in advance. Most cookies freeze well; hor d'oeuvres freeze well and you can pull them out of the freezer any time. I have my children and grandchildren over every Friday night and Saturday and they bring guests. I need to have food on hand. We have an open house for everyone – we love to have tons of people. It is a party every Shabbat!

What is in the pipeline?
I would like to have the application  available on other platforms and expand it. It would be nice to also see it in written format (book).

What is a little know fact about you?
I was a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technical). I have worked in hospitals since the age of 12.  Many years ago, after I was married, I took EMT courses taught at a synagogue – I wanted to learn how to properly use oxygen. I passed the test, got my badge and did it for a few years.

I am under 5 feet tall – 4 foot 11-inches on a good day – and wear 4-inch heels!

At the end of the day...
My most important role is that of mother, bringing the family into the home. Food provides the format; the kids bring their friends, the grandchildren are around, just being a "homemaker". At the end of the day, you are "Mom", my home is center and it makes me very happy.

May 2, 2011

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