Joburg Kosher Boerewors

Authentic South African Beef Sausage


South Africans love their popular boerewors, or "farmer sausage." Boerewors are to South Africa what hotdogs are to the U.S.  And, just like the American hotdog, they are a feature on the barbecue scene – only there they are known as "boeries on the braai". 

So, it would be reasonable to assume that former South Africans residing in the states would hunt high and low for their beloved boerewors for "the braai."  David Libesman, who now resides in Merion Station, PA was such a person. For eleven years he searched for boerewors that had the taste and texture that he grew up with. Unable to find exactly what he wanted, he decided to make his own. Using a 40–year old family recipe, David started preparing boerewors for personal use. He shared his creation with family and friends and people (knowing a good thing) started placing orders for his delicious, authentic South African boerewors. The demand for his boerewors was so overwhelming that it lead to the creation of Joburg Kosher Foods, LLC.

Joburg Kosher Boerewors were introduced at Kosherfest 2010. KosherEye was there and sampled our first taste of the South African sausage – it was wonderful! The sausage are packaged and frozen, uncooked. They contain no nitrates or preservatives, are low in sodium,  the casings are edible, and they are certified kosher OU. They can be prepared either on the grill or in a skillet and are available in three flavors: Traditional, Garlic and spicy Peri–Peri.

When we received our samples of Joburg Boerewors we prepared them on the grill and, also on the stovetop using a skillet. Both methods produced a delicious, juicy, mildly spiced sausage. We served them on toasted rolls, with grilled onions and mustard; alongside oven fried potatoes and a half sour pickle. What could be better!  We look forward to preparing "boeries on the braai" and will definitely include these delicious South African sausages on our menu.

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Watch David Libesman demonstrate How to Prepare Boerewors.

May 23, 2011

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