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If you happen to sail to Juneau, Alaska on a cruise ship, you  will have access to the freshest kosher wild smoked salmon in the world. But, if you don’t happen to be going to Alaska (although we highly recommend you do!), we are delighted to share this outstanding fish find.

Yes, we were there, and watched the salmon being off–loaded from the fishing boats, directly into the fish holds of the Taku smokery. As we were told by native Alaskan and long time smokehouse manager, Jeremy LaPierre, “only the finest salmon are selected for smoking”. Each year Taku Fisheries purchases over seven million pounds of fish from local Alaskan fisherman. According to Jeremy, who has been with Taku for 18 years, only, the best of the best are selected for smoking!

takufishery2866e The Taku Store, Smokeries and Fishery, is a family owned company founded in 1989.  The whole Taku operation is located on the Gastineau Channel in downtown Juneau, Alaska, and that’s where we found them − basically a few feet from the cruise pier. We watched local fishermen pull right up to the Taku dock and unload their bounties of fresh wild Alaska seafood. Taku then sells the fish directly to consumers at their retail store in Juneau, or globally, via their website. Taku seafood products is sold to top restaurants in the U.S. and abroad.

For a pricey but sensational treat, Salmon Caviar is sometimes available for order. This delicacy is made from fresh Keta Salmon, the most highly prized of the five Pacific Salmon species for its roe, and is said to make the best of all salmon caviars. By using strict production and quality control methods, Taku produces “rich little "red pearls" that are as beautiful as they are delicious.” No, we didn’t get a taste of the caviar; it was sold out. But, we did get a taste of the hand sliced smoked salmon − exceptional. The smokery also produces a creamy salmon dip, which is not yet kosher certified. Can’t wait until it is!

takufishery_2874eKSA kosher certified products currently available to order are:
•  Cold smoked Coho, King, Sockeye, and White King Salmon
•  Fresh Frozen King Fillets and Steaks
•  Hot Smoked Coho, King Sockeye and White King Salmon*
•  Salmon Caviar

And, a tasty bit about smoked salmon:
•  Hot smoked salmon is fully cooked salmon, smoked at a high temperature. The hot smoking method is all about smoking temperature, not spiciness.
•  Cold smoked salmon, such as Nova and Lox, is mildly cured, and lightly smoked using a European process, which was refined by Taku. It produces a smoked salmon of delicate texture.

Jeremy LaPierre, of Taku Smokeries, has shared a scrumptious brunch recipe,Smoked Salmon and Leek Scramble with Meyer Lemon Crème Fraîche, adapted from Epicurious.com. If you cruise up to Juneau, remember to stop by Taku Store and have a free taste of their exceptional smoked salmon. Or even better, if you’re not going soon, here’s the link to order, TakuStore.com.

*Since certifications change, please verify kashrut before ordering

July 25, 2011

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