Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning

Spice it Like a Master Chef


We have rarely met a company so confident about their product that they told us that we would fall in love. When Frank, of Lawhorn’s, tweeted that his spice made almost everything taste even more delicious, we simply couldn’t resist challenging him to his claim. After all, that’s one of the missions of KosherEye − seeking out the newest, best, and most convenient products for the kosher kitchen.

First, however, since the product simply bears a “K”, we validated kashrut with our consulting Rabbi Reuven Stein of the AKC, Our findings: it was recommended. Rabbi Howard L. Seif of Hollywood, Florida supervises it. Once the kashrut was approved, we began to shake, shake, shake. We were anxious to see if Lawhorn's Signature Seasoning was as special and versatile as its spokesmen declared.

Our first test: we rubbed it on our London Broil, let it marinate overnight, and then grilled it. We warmed it on the blech (warming tray) for Shabbos lunch. Truly scrumptious.

Second, we shook it all over our fresh garden vegetables – peppers, onions, squash and zucchini. Then we grilled the veggies.  Again, we enjoyed the flavor.

Our third experiment was our very favorite. We mixed it into our ground chuck, made patties and headed for the grill. Delicious burgers! We shook a bit extra on some grilled onions, and topped the burgers.

lawhorn-3-bottleYes, Lawhorn’s brings out the flavor of foods, and adds bit of zest. The product is chef created; it is a convenient spice blend – a diverse and useful seasoning salt containing 65% less sodium than other "seasoning salts”, garlic, onion, pepper, paprika and various other spices.

Chef Tim Lawhorn is the creator of Lawhorn’s Signature Seasoning. His family has owned and operated restaurants since the 1940’s in Haines City Florida. His passion for cooking started In 1971, when 10 year old Tim Lawhorn went to work one morning at 5 AM with his grandmother Bunny to help her open up her restaurant for breakfast at 6 AM.  He was fascinated watching his grandma make everything from “scratch” for their local customers. After initially embarking on a corporate career, Tim eventually followed his passion, and became a chef.  As he cooked, Tim came across an interesting combination of herbs and spices that when mixed together tasted phenomenal on a steak. He continued to experiment and alter his new seasoning formula until he was sure that this blend was working well. Soon after getting his special seasoning blend just right, Tim started using his seasoning on just about everything! And thus, Lawhorn Signature Seasoning was born.

Tim Lawhorn now proudly oversees production and distribution personally, taking his “revolutionary new seasoning to the public so everyone can cook like a gourmet chef, no matter what their level of cooking experience.” In his words: “You don’t have to be a Master Chef to cook like one! “

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