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Last year we had the pleasure of dining at Shiloh’s kosher steakhouse in Los Angeles, where we had  an opportunity to meet the Ghanem brothers, Geoffrey and Fabrice. The two brothers worked alongside their parents for 15 years, in a non-kosher family restaurant, located in the south of France (in Hyeres near St. Tropez). Both brothers came to the U.S. and eventually opened Shiloh’s Steak house. The dream was to create a kosher steak house that would be as good as any successful non–kosher restaurant of similar type and as good as their family restaurant in France!

The evening we visited Shiloh’s, we enjoyed the delicious dinner, served and prepared to perfection, utilizing the flavors of France. How we wanted to take home the recipes, and especially the marinades and sauces. Well, now we can and so can you dear readers. Along with the expertise of executive Chef Katsuji Tanabe, Shiloh’s has bottled some of these gourmet, complex flavors.

As you know, we love to cook and often make our own sauces and marinades. However, we can report with delight that the Shiloh’s sauces we tried are as good, or better, than many of the homemade sauces of their type (even the ones we make), and certainly a lot more convenient. They are all OU certified kosher, parve, and gluten free.  And several, such as the Chimichurri, are packaged in a gorgeous tall, slender, graceful glass bottle so exquisite that we will be re–using it when the sauce is gone; yes, it is gone!

Several of our favorites:
Shiloh’s Béarnaise
Creamy mixture of shallots and tarragon so delicious with beef;  as a condiment with a luxurious rib steak, rib roast or London broil.

Shiloh’s Harissa
Hot, fiery Mediterranean/North African sauce. We enjoyed it with couscous (mixed with a bit of lemon and olive oil),  and also served it alongside grilled chicken. We like it as a dip with pita bread, and of course in the traditional Israeli dish Shakshuka.  Depending on your spice tolerance levels, there are 2 varieties –  Medium hot and hot, hot, hot!

Shiloh’s Chimichurri
This traditional South American sauce/condiment is so versatile. We loved it as a marinade for grilled chicken and as condiment alongside both chicken and beef. Try our recipe for Easy Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce.

Shiloh's Chimichurri Aioli
Aioli, a traditional sauce made of garlic and oil, is blended with the South American Chimichurri sauce to produce a creamy, thick sauce that is good enough to serve as a dip! We sampled it with chicken, potatoes and vegetables.

To read about Shiloh’s additional sauces, including a Parisian steak sauce, barbecue sauce, and a Caribbean hot sauce, visit

August 22, 2011

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