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La Famiglia DelGrosso pasta sauces are the real thing. Mama Mia, these are delicious! This line of gourmet pasta sauces carries on a family tradition that began in 1914 with an old-world Italian immigrant's authentic recipe for pasta sauce.

Grandma Marianna Pulcino immigrated to America in 1911, bringing with her a traditional family recipe for tomato pasta sauce. Soon after her arrival in the U.S. she established Mom's Cafe on Walton Avenue in Altoona, Pennsylvania where she served up her classic Italian dishes.

The concept of bottled spaghetti sauce actually began in 1943 with husband and wife team, restaurateurs Ferdinand and MaFalda DelGrosso, who happened to be Marianna’s daughter and son–in–law. This entrepreneurial couple sold the family sauce in jars, each batch stirred, cooked and bottled by hand. Nearly 60 years later, La Famiglia DelGrosso products are manufactured in a modern 18,000–foot facility, with many of the sauces parve and kosher, under the certification of the OU.

What hasn’t changed is the quality. The family motto “no short cuts” is obvious once one tastes the rich, tomato flavor in each jar. It is a premium sauce and priced accordingly. However, it is an excellent and convenient substitute for homemade sauce. Our favorites are Aunt Mary Ann’s Sunday Marinara (we even love the name!) and Chef John’s Tomato Basil Masterpiece. The sauces are sold at most major supermarkets including Whole Foods. Deliziosa- what a treat!

A word about Italian pasta: There is a world of Italian pasta shapes out there! How often we wonder which shapes work best with which recipe. Of course, we often select our old familiar favorites – but the “pasta-bilities” are endless. And, as we have read, some shapes complement specific pasta sauces and recipes. Here is a link to an excellent site to better understand how to partner your pasta and sauce.

Enjoy La Famiglia DelGrosso pasta sauces with the following recipes: Chicken-less Parmesan, Lasagna – Meatless, Dairy, and Rigatoni Pasta Pie.

For recipes or more information, visit For a complete list of La Famiglia DelGrosso kosher sauces, click here

August 29, 2011

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