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Inspiration and innovation are often the result of need. And so it goes with Divvies.

Benjamin, the youngest son of Divvies founders Lori and Mark Sandler has allergies, and grew up with a life–threatening allergy to foods which contained even a trace of peanuts, tree nuts, milk and eggs. Food allergies kept Benjamin from fully participating in celebrations, events and play dates with friends, since as we all know, food and fun are usually intertwined. So that her son could enjoy indulging in sweets and snacks like everyone else, Lori baked for him at home – and shared her creations with his friends. And so, Divvies was born – “one for me and one for you” – an inclusive way of eating.

The Divvies mission is succinctly explained on the Divvies website: "The Sandler family envisioned homemade fun–foods that the whole family, and their friends could enjoy. These foods would be made without peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or milk and despite all those left–out ingredients, these treats would be delicious. They would be so good, in fact, everyone (with or without food allergies) would ask to share them." The family has accomplished this vision, and added an additional feature, which makes their product line even more inclusive – all of their products are kosher certified and parve. Divvies is a company focused on the “millions of Benjamins out there”, along with their friends and families. Divvies is for everyone.

Our Divvies gift package arrived in a gorgeous ribboned and bowed box. Yes the lovely package is definitely indicative of the quality we discovered inside.

divviescupcakesWe tasted  Divvies Kettle Corn Popcorn and enjoyed the mix of salty and sweet. There were delicious Divvies Choco-lot Brownie Cookies, semi sweet chocolate chips and BingGo! Divvine Chocolate bars. Yes, all are parve and allergen free.  Also included was a beautiful boxed Chocolate Cupcake Kit, complete with cupcakes, ready–to–spread frosting, and multicolored sprinkles. These would be perfect to take to a party or celebration-or to bring for a Shabbos dinner. What fun for children to frost and decorate themselves. Many Divvies products are produced in house, but some are outsourced, Divvies conducts routine testing to minimize the risk of any cross–contamination in all of their certified allergen-free ingredients.

We mustn’t forget Divvies Super Stars sour gels. For those that enjoy sour gummy candies, and we do, these are perfect! Just the right balance of sour and sweet – we couldn't stop eating them. We guarantee your mouth won't pucker shut.

divviescookbookThe Divvies Bakery Cookbook: No Nuts. No Eggs. No Dairy. Just Delicious! (St. Martin’s Press)  is an excellent recipe guide for the millions of consumers who must avoid nuts, dairy and eggs. Author and Divvies Bakery co-founder Lori Sandler, presents a creative assortment of delicious cookie, cake, and dessert recipes, free of the four major food allergens – peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and eggs (all vegan!).  Most of the recipes are simple to make and rich in wholesome ingredients, “double dollops of the good and the gooey – like chocolate, oatmeal, and molasses – making the confections not only safe to eat, but absolutely delicious for everyone, even those without food allergies”.  

Lori is sharing two of her favorite recipes with KosherEye readers: Divvies Warm Apple Apricot Cake and Divvies Chocolatey, Chewy Brownies, These are "two recipes that take these classics beyond the next level – and nobody will ever guess that they are made without eggs or dairy!!”

KosherEye agrees with Martha Stewart, the ladies of The View, The Today Show, and Good Morning America – Divvies, both the cookbook and the products, make a wonderful KosherEye "gift yourself, or gift others" selection.

Divvies donates a portion of every gift box of cookies to the Food Allergy Initiative. Divvies is under the kosher supervision of the KVH,Rabbinical Council of New England.

By the way, Benjamin Sandler is now 13 years old, and with the help of a medical program at Mt.Sinai Hospital, is well on his way to outgrowing his dairy allergy!

For additional information on Divvies products, to find a store near you, or to order, please visit their website, Divvies.com.

August 31, 2011

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