Get Ready to Melt…Because Real is Better…

Caribou Coffee, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota was founded in 1992, and is the second largest gourmet coffeehouse operator in the world, with 500 company owned locations. Caribou is the first of its kind to reformulate all of its mochas and chocolate beverages using real, all-natural premium chocolate. Almost all other coffee houses use processed powder or reconstituted syrup to make their chocolate drinks.

It’s the real thing! Guittard all natural, kosher, gluten-free chocolate in white, milk and dark flavors is now used in all Caribou Coffee mocha and chocolate beverages. The exclusive chocolate formulation by Guittard was designed to melt easily into milk in a way that won’t clump and stick. Each in-house cup of chocolate is hand steamed to melt the pieces completely.

KosherEye suggests that if you wish to enjoy a cup of this exceptional brew in one of the many Caribou coffee houses, check with your local rabbinical authority to ensure kashruth. However, even if a kosher Caribou coffeehouse is unavailable in your area, there is absolutely no need to miss this delicious treat!

Hot News! Caribou Coffee has packaged the products in gift tins and is offering this exceptional gourmet drinking chocolate in all three flavors: white, milk and dark chocolate on and at all of its store locations. The 12-oz. tins, which sell for $9.99 each, are certified OU (D) and include step-by-step instructions for hand-melting the chocolate pieces into milk or soy milk to create mochas or hot chocolates at home.

Ingredients include chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin and vanilla. Nothing else! And friends, take it from us, two chocoholics, this is a warming, luscious, comforting drink on a cold winter day!  KosherEye suggests topping it with some real whipped cream, a few miniature kosher marshmallows, or even adding a touch of chocolate liqueur and a sprinkling of extra Guittard pieces.

Caribou Coffee is offering a drinking chocolate trio gift set - $24.99

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