since 1888

Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth,
Chicken Broth and Beef Broth


It was in 1888 that Rabbi Dov Ber Manischewitz opened a small matzoh bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio. His goal was to produce matzoh (unleavened bread) for the Jews of the city, his family and friends. It is from these humble and spiritual beginnings that one of America’s most innovative and successful businesses took root.

Rabbi Manischewitz was the first to package matzos for shipment to places beyond the local community – he shipped his products around the world. As the years passed the business expanded, and in 1932 a second plant was added in Jersey City, New Jersey.  The proximity of the new plant to the large northeastern Jewish community helped the Manischewitz company to  enlarge its customer base and distribution channels. It quickly grew to be the dominant ethnic Jewish label in grocery stores throughout the country, and throughout the world.

In 1940 Manischewitz manufactured its first non-matzoh product - the welll known Tam Tam’s. Further expansion included licenses, partnerships, corporate mergers and acquisitions. Over the years many varieties of kosher products-- including wine, soups, gefilte fish and other traditional  favorites-- became part of the Manischewitz label.

And now, once again, Manischewitz has responded to the needs of the kosher community by introducing a new line of healthful, ready to use broths…

Manischewitz chicken broth is the next best thing to homemade and, believe it or not, not everyone (except maybe your Grandmother) always has homemade chicken stock frozen in their freezer! As for the beef is a welcome addition to our pantry-- as KosherEye certainly does not make homemade beef broth very often!

Yes, we know...this is not homemade, but we believe that you will be as delighted with the product as we were! In fact, when we recently had an at home "sick day", the reduced sodium chicken broth--unadorned--was the soup of choice! Very comforting and warming. Yes, we recuperated quickly!

KosherEye's favorite use of the Manischewitz All Natural Broths, however, is definitely as a convenient, ready-to-use, add-in to recipes. We have used the broths several ways:

We started with the Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth, 32-ounce carton. To it, we added some sliced water chestnuts, sliced bamboo shoots, sliced mushrooms, a few slices of  fresh ginger, fresh sliced bok-choy, a few splashes of reduced sodium soy sauce, plus some cubed, super firm tofu and simmered until the bok-choy was soft. This is your typical "no recipe" recipe. Prior to serving, we added a few drops of toasted sesame oil, garnished the soup with chopped green onion and served crispy rice noodles on the side.  Our guests were very happy with the end result!

With the Beef Broth, we made another, "no recipe" recipe, creating beef vegetable soup. We used the 32-ounce carton of broth as the base for the soup.  We started by sautéing a diced onion and sliced celery until soft, added some chopped fresh garlic and sautéed for a few more minutes. To this mixture we added small cubes of beef  and simmered until the meat was not quite tender. We added all sorts of fresh, chunked veggies and some seasoning (such as  fresh thyme, bay leaf, chopped parsley). For additional liquid we added a large can of diced fire-roasted tomatoes, including the liquid.  What can we say? The soup was fabulous! Still even better the next day.

Our final foray into the world of Manischewitz All Natural Broths was our favorite. We made Chicken Satay soup, using the recipe from Soup A Kosher Collection by Pam Reiss.  For the stock, we used the All Natural Chicken Broth.  Oh my, was that good!

For us at KosherEye, these broths will be a mainstay in our pantries; we love cooking with them.   Good-bye to powdered soup mix, hard bouillon cubes (the ones you have to crush with a hammer)... hello, Manischewitz All Natural Broths!


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