Challywood Challahs

A New Star for the Challah Plate


Challywood – even the name is fun! These challah loaves and rolls can be ordered online in many flavors and want to be the star of the challah plate!

Many of us dream of challah. On a level with some of our favorite foods, including rich dark chocolate, fine wine, well marbled ribeye steak, hot fresh baked potato and freshly fried chicken, challah is the mouthwatering Shabbos food which stirs both our body and soul. Not everyone has the time or expertise to make homemade challah on a weekly basis, so many cooks search for a delicious store bought substitute. Finding a moist, flavorful bread, which tastes as good as homemade, is sometimes a daunting task. But, there’s a new kid in town-–or should we say, on the Internet—hoping to fill this need nationwide. (don’t you love the name?) offers braided and pull–apart challahs, and rolls, in numerous flavors and sizes.

Challywood is Kosher Pareve certified by the VAAD Harabonim of Queens through Violet's Bake Shop, a 30–year–old bakery. All baking is done on the premises of Violet's Bake Shop. The company is certified Pas Yisroel and uses Yoshon flour. Challywood is staking out a claim to provide both a great tasting and diverse assortment of Challah.

Over the years, Violet's has been recognized for outstanding Hungarian Cakes and pastries, but it was the Challah that “always stole the show”. The new company Challywood, started by Michael Kahan, was an instant success and was honored to provide Challah for the opening of the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.  During the gala, Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler got to taste Challywood's signature Challah and they absolutely loved it – a star product was born!  The goal is to revolutionize the challah industry.

The company proudly states that Challywood’s challahs are handmade, created with the freshest, highest–quality ingredients, and baked to order. Additives and artificial ingredients are never used to ensure the best-possible product is always delivered. “With new innovations, Challywood is looking forward to serving communities around the USA for a long time, from generation to generation.”

Along with the traditional plain challah in pull–apart, braided and rolls, the company offers a variety of over 30 specialty flavors including onion, raisin, blueberry, chocolate–cherry, chocolate–chip, cookie dough etc. Tempted?  There are even more.

We sampled chocolate–marble, apple cinnamon, and plain, and are sharing our thoughts :
Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Challah: It was very good; a dense challah with the top crust having a subtle cinnamon taste topped with small cubes of apples. It was delicious! Left–overs were perfect with our morning coffee.

challywoodchocChocolate–Marble Pull-Apart Challah: We thought of this as almost a babka. We enjoyed it with our Shabbos dinner.  Each bite tasted of the rich dark chocolate, which was liberally broadcast throughout each piece. We think that the leftovers, (there were none) would make outstanding French toast.

Plain Challah: A rich classic challah; It is available in rolls, in a traditional braided 6–strand loaf, and in a pull-apart, which we sampled. Plain challahs can be ordered with toppings such as sesame, poppy seed or everything. We want to taste the onion challah next. Onion bread is one of our favorite treats.

Visit to see the wide range of challah. Free shipping on orders over $50.

December 22, 2011

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