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We discovered this line of parve luxury chocolates at Kosherfest. Michel Cluizel is a 63–year–old French-based company. now producing a line of  kosher parve chocolates for the U.S. market. The chocolate making company is located in a newly constructed New Jersey facility, built especially to house its OU certified kosher production line. The chocolates are hand crafted by a master chocolatier following original recipes and using 100 percent OU certified ingredients. However, the challenge was not only to design and create kosher chocolates, but also to make them parve (non-dairy) while keeping the same exquisite, original taste.

The tasting: The Michel Cluizel chocolates arrived in a magnificent bowed box – containing 8 pieces (around $16). The selections were rich, satisfying (we could only eat 2, ok, maybe 3 at one time), and the taste-- definitely a chocoholics dream. However, we wish that the box came with a chocolate directory map so that we would know which of the various delicious treats we were enjoying. S’il vous plait Michel Cluizel? What a delight for the kosher chocolate connoisseur to be able to offer fine parve chocolate for dessert following a meat meal.

At present, the chocolates can be purchased in limited varieties at the Michael Cluizel boutique in NY and hopefully soon can be ordered online. They are available in pre–packed or hand selected small boxes of 2–pieces or up to a gala chocolate-boxed feast with 50 pieces! Now how many servings is that?

Currently, these boxed chocolates can be purchased and shipped in pre-packaged OU certified assortments from their boutique in NY. or can be ordered direct from the factory in New Jersey (856-719-0800) They are available in small boxes of 2–pieces or up to a gala chocolate boxed feast with 50 pieces! Now how many servings is that? When ordering, be specific as to the requirement for  a sealed package with OU parve kosher certification.

We understand that Michel Cluizel also offers seven different flavors of macaroons and a variety of kosher parve French pastries including Napoleons, Éclairs and Chocolate Opera Cake. We look forward to tasting these. However, at the present time, these are only available at select food/gift stores in the tri-state New York area .

Michel Cluizel Chocolate
584 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Tél. 646 415–9126

February 8, 2012

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