Empress Chocolate Company

Kosher Chocolate Royalty


Empress Chocolates are the royalty of kosher simchas. The line is classic, supplying parve boxed chocolates, bulk chocolates, and chocolate novelties to organizations, corporations and simchas since 1984. It is a family–owned business. Many of its recipes were passed down and learned from two previous generations in the chocolate business in Europe.

Initially, Empress only manufactured chocolate novelties – adding new items each year. Custom molding has always been their specialty. In 1990, Empress started to manufacture assorted boxed chocolates as well. Their unique hazelnut truffles have earned them an international award for best confection. (Well deserved!)

KosherEye has been a fan of Empress for many years. We have enjoyed their dark hazelnut truffles, crème de menthe chocolates, non–pareils and, oh how we love their imperial crunch.  Empress was always there with their beautifully designed and imprinted boxes at family weddings and bar mitzvahs, and adorned the table centers at synagogue and community functions. If you’ve seen or sampled chocolates in bright metallic foil wraps – the chocolates are likely from this company!  Why is Empress so popular? It is the luscious rich, deep chocolate taste of each piece, simply mouthwatering.

All Empress products are certified Kosher by the OU, and all of the dark chocolates are parve. The best news: Both boxed and bulk Empress chocolates are available for year round AND Passover!

For more about Empress or to order online, visit EmpressChocolate.com.

February 7, 2012


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