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Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant. There is the white or yellow mustard plant, the brown or Indian mustard plant and the black mustard plant. Mustard ranges in color from bright yellow to dark brown. The Romans were probably the first to use mustard as a condiment; from there it spread to France and then England. It has even been traced back to the pioneering Greek physician Hippocrates. The black mustard seed's ancient usage was primarily medicinal.

Mustard is one of the most popular and widely used spices and condiments in the world – it is the second most–used spice in the U.S.  Varieties include Dijon–Style Mustard, Coarse–Ground Mustard, Spicy Brown–Style Mustard, Yellow Mustard and Hot Mustard – just to name a few. And the brand that most exemplifies hot mustard is Colman's Mustard.

colemansvintagetinEveryone recognizes the unique yellow tin that is the trademark of the fiery–hot powdered mustard that is known internationally as the English mustard. It started in England in 1814 when Jeremiah Colman took over a mustard manufacturing business. Using mustard seeds grown by local farmers around Norwich, England, the mustard produced in his factory was bold and spicy—made from white and brown mustard seeds—and captured the fancy of the country. It had a kick! Not only did it pack a "wallop", but in 1866 Queen Victoria of England literally "knighted" it by granting Colman's the ultimate accolade: By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen Manufacturers of Food and Households. What was good enough for the Queen's royal kitchen was more than welcome in kitchens around the world and thus Colman's became known as "The Queens Mustard".

The company produces two types of mustard: original dry powdered and prepared:
Colman's Dry Mustard Powder is an ultra–fine powder that delivers maximum kick to your favorite dishes. It is 100% pure mustard powder flour that is made from a blend of brown and white mustard seeds. Just a pinch or two adds bold flavor to your favorite recipes, dry rubs, roasts, chicken, etc. When blended with water it becomes the hot mustard used with egg rolls. It is gluten–free and contains no dyes, chemicals or preservatives. One tin will last a very long time.

Colman's Prepared Mustard is made from a unique blend of brown and white mustard seeds, water and additional ingredients and also delivers a "blazing taste sensation!" Use it on sandwiches, in dips, sauces, chicken; it can also be added to your favorite recipes to bring it up a notch. The mustard is fat–free and cholesterol–free. Use it English–style and serve with roasts and cold meats.

Both products are kosher certified by the London Bet Din.

Colman's says it best when describing their mustard, "It is not for the faint–hearted. The one and only quintessential cooking staple, is a power–house secret that delivers layers of flavor and slow–building heat to anything you stir, slather, pour,dip, top or chop...Colman's turns up the heat, emboldens the senses, and kick–starts the taste buds of chefs and food lovers aroud the world." We agree!

We love using Colman's mustard; it is a staple in our kitchen pantry. Try the followintg recipes from Colman's Mustard: Hot Faux "Crab" Dip, Easy Lemon and Mustard Chicken and Koorma Vegetable Curry.

Did you know? 45 jars of Colman's brand mustards are sold every minute of every day.

Visit Colman's Mustard at Colman's mustard is available on Colman's Mustard Powder 4oz Tin and Colman's Prepared Mustard Jar 3.5oz.

February 13, 2012

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