Moses Vodka – A Joyful Toast

Kosher Everyday,  Passover Too!

mosesvodka1-1Sleek, smooth, sensational – and we’re only describing the gorgeous bottle. But now, what about the contents? Superb! Yes, we can also apply these adjectives to the vodka.

Moses vodka, from Global Drinks Finland, is ultra premium vodka. The 22–year–old business set out to create naturally organic vodka made from sugarcane, the first and only vodka of its kind.  It is certified both kosher and kosher for Passover by the OU. The company takes great pride in production, combining the finest pure, fresh, spring water with premium spirits and organic sugar cane − all entirely natural ingredients.  What makes this vodka unique is its exceptional taste and smoothness − vodka that one would even drink year round. And, we were delighted to discover that a portion of Moses vodka sales is donated to charity.

Our vodka taste test (yes, we admit, we love this part of our job!) included both chilling the vodka and sipping it straight up in an icy glass, and also mixing it into a cocktail.  Moses vodka was superb both straight and mixed into our Mordechai’s Martini recipe. The product has won numerous awards and is considered exceptional in its class. That’s what we like best; it is quality vodka that just happens to be kosher and kosher for Passover.

Back to the bottle—what a jewel for the table—sleek frosted crystal glass, decorated in 24kt gold with an illustration of Moses parting the Red Sea. Purim is a perfect time to try Moses Vodka, and buy a bottle for Passover—treat yourself or your Purim or Passover host. We love the bottle and feel it is perfect, once empty, to display a beautiful single fresh flower stem.

We look forward to tasting the newest spirit from Global Drinks Finland – Date vodka. It too will be kosher for everyday and Passover and we will let you know when it becomes available for purchase.

From Moses vodka, enjoy this recipe for Red Sea Cocktail.

For information on where to purchase, visit, or contact or buy online at

Meet Moses Vodka

March 6, 2012

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