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It’s a treat when we find a product that is tasty, easy to prepare and time-saving.  Laurie’s Kitchen, a division of Old World Spices & Seasonings, Inc., a three generation family-owned business, produces dip mixes and dessert mixes that are both convenient and kosher!

The company was founded by John C. Jungk, who learned the spice trade from his father Walter.  Amy Jungk was the first of John's four children to join the family business.  She was joined by daughters Beth Benteman and, eldest daughter, Laurie Corbin.

The business produces custom seasoning blends for the bakery, dairy, deli, meat, private label and food service industries.  In 2000, the Jungk family decided to produce a gourmet line of soups, dips, meat rubs, marinades and desserts for the specialty gourmet retail marketplace.  Laurie headed the new division — creating new recipes and recreating restaurant dishes that she enjoyed.  Local and national publications featured Laurie and her recipes.  Sadly, in 2001, Laurie unexpectedly passed away at the age of 37.

In 2006, John Jungk took a major step and launched a 23-product line of gourmet soup mixes, dip mixes and cheese ball mixes in upscale gourmet packaging, positioned for the gourmet, gift and specialty food trade.  He named the new line, Laurie’s Kitchen™, for his late daughter Laurie.

KosherEye had the opportunity to meet Beth Benteman, who heads the company’s fundraising division and maintains major private label accounts.  Beth lovingly remembered that the kitchen was the one place you would most likely find her sister Laurie, and how the sisters would meet at Laurie's house, sit in the kitchen and talk, while Laurie prepared dinner.  Laurie always liked to cook and experiment with new recipes.

Many of Laurie’s Kitchen™ products are certified OU or OU dairy, including three dessert mixes and five delicious dip mixes.  The French Silk pie mix, Fruit Cobbler mix and Fruit Crisp mix desserts are OU kosher.  We made the Fruit Cobbler and Fruit Crisp dessert mixes and were delighted with the results.  The two mixes contain the ingredients for the topping and only require the addition of fresh or frozen fruit.  KosherEye used plums and peaches; apples are also recommended.  The end results were delicious and quite a time saver.  We would definitely make them again.

The kosher certified dips are: Cucumber Dill, Chipotle Chile, Roasted Pepper, Sesame Garlic and "Bacon" Cheddar.  The directions on the package state to mix with sour cream and mayonnaise.  We deviated from the directions and mixed the Chipotle Chile with mayonnaise only.  We used it as a topping on grilled hamburgers and smoked sliced turkey sandwiches; they were delicious!  On another occasion we served the Cucumber Dill mix and it was a hit.  The dips can be served with fresh veggies, crackers or chips. Be fancy and hollow out round bread and fill with one of the dips.  Or use a sweet red, green or orange pepper as the receptacle — so many options!  For New Year's Eve, we suggest serving one (or more) of these delicious dips, along with a glass of champagne or wine, and toast the New Year!

For more information about this entrepreneurial family, recipes using their kosher certified products, to order their products or find a store near you, visit Laurie's Kitchen's web site.

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