Yogachips™, Healthy, Crunchy Apple-a-Day!

Organic Apple Chips

Yoga Organic Apple Chips

Yogachips are a tasty, healthy, convenient and eco-friendly snack food—an all natural, fat free, crispy apple in-a-bag! Be forewarned, though... they are addictive!

To achieve the finished product, a two part drying process is used; the apples are first oven baked and then popped. This process maintains the natural flavor of the apple and produces an apple chip that tastes like nothing currently on the market.

A perfect snack for the health conscious, the fruits are free of added preservatives and are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The chips are peanut/nut-free and certified USDA organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher (OU) and Halal, making them perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions. We feel they are perfect for everyone!

Yogavive believes that organic is better for the environment. "No chemicals or pesticides mean naturally healthy soil, which encourages the return of biodiversity to the agricultural system. Natural fertilizers mean no harmful runoff in to surrounding watersheds. We strive, where possible, to source from farms that use as little mechanization as possible, thus providing employment and reducing the required energy inputs in our fruit cultivation. We also, where possible, source from biodynamic farms so that our operations disturb the planet as little as possible. We do our best to make a difference."

The apple chips are available in five delectable flavors: Original, Apple Cinnamon, Caramel, Peach and Strawberry. Each flavor is wonderful… but our favorite was the Original.

They are packaged in 1-apple/10g and 5-apple/50g sized portions. The 1-apple bag contains only 35 calories.

We would describe the taste of Yogachips as being both sweet and crunchy; like an apple, but in chip form. KosherEye tasted all five flavors and we are unashamed to admit, we devoured every bag!

We believe in the old adage "An apple a day...." and think that each day should definitely include a bag of Yogachips. We loved them!

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